The Cloudways+Visual Composer Giveaway worth $1000 is Live!

The Cloudways+Visual Composer Giveaway worth $1000 is Live!

We are pleased to announce the Cloudways + Visual Composer Giveaway, starting From 5th August to 19th August.

An aesthetically pleasing and fully functional website is a plus for the users as it enhances their user experience. This is why Visual Composer Website builder has appeared on the forefront as a viable solution to provide users with an interactive and visually appealing website.

Having said that, free versions often come with their set of limitations and obviously don’t give their users uncontrolled access to their website. The premium version, on the other hand, can be quite risky because what if it doesn’t match your range of expectations?

But it’s time to brush off your worries. We have a win-win solution for you!

We’re glad to announce the collaboration of Cloudways and Visual Composer, which will enable our users to launch visual composer on Cloudways with one click and get 3-day free access to the premium version of the bundle.

Isn’t it amazing? You can take a calculated approach and get the bundle only if it satisfies your needs.

But wait! Here’s something more.

We want our users to be a part of our every success. And hence, we have decided to launch a giveaway campaign. We value our users, and this giveaway is a token of appreciation for them for sticking with us.


To celebrate this collaboration, we have decided to give our users a prize pool worth $600-$1000 WordPress bundle.

This means that our winners will have an opportunity to enjoy some paid features without paying a penny. Isn’t it great? So what are you waiting for? Tie your seat belts and jump on the bandwagon.

Three Winners Buckle Up

This time, we’ll have three winners for the giveaway. The selection criteria is pretty simple. You need to add your entries and aim for maximum points. The more you gain, the greater your chances of winning.

So what are you waiting for? Take a leap of faith and make your entries now! Click Here to participate.

Cloudways + Visual Composer Giveaway!


Winning Hacks

Need some hacks to secure the top three slots? Here are some handy hacks that will guarantee you victory!

  1. Use a credible and authentic social media profile
  2. Don’t use a dummy or disposable email addresses
  3. Aim to get maximum points
  4. Keep a check on high point entries




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The Cloudways+Visual Composer Giveaway worth $1000 is Live! 1

Liza Rajput

Liza Rajput is a Technical Content Producer at Cloudways. Being a software engineer, she loves to play with data and its processes and wishes to grow and excel in Data Science and Big Data Engineering. She has also been an avid reader and exceptional writer, with sufficient experience in technical, research-based, and creative writing.


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