How to Get More Comments on Your Blog (13 Easy Tips)

How to Get More Comments on Your Blog (13 Easy Tips)

re you wondering how to get more comments on your blog? Then look no further! This guide will share some easy tips on how you can get more comments on your blog posts.

Comments help build meaningful relationships with your readers and help you get valuable feedback to improve your blog.

Plus, getting comments on your blog shows that all the hard work that you put into starting your own blog has paid off. 

But getting readers to comment can be a challenge, and in this guide, we will share some of our best tips to make it easy for you to get more blog comments.

Let’s begin.

Why are Blog Comments Important?

A big reason why blog comments are important is that it makes you feel good as a blogger. It feels great to know that people are not just reading your posts, but they enjoy them enough to leave a comment.

All technicalities aside, getting people to comment on your blog shows that you’re truly reaching out to your audience. And it gives you the opportunity to connect with them and help out with their needs.

As for more measurable reasons, getting more comments can help you:

  • Increase your engagement: With the help of comments, your readers can interact with you and your blog. They can share their opinions and have a healthy discussion with you. This can result in a lot of engagement that can also help you increase your search engine rankings.
  • Make your article more reliable: The more people interact with your blog, the more popular and reliable it looks. Having the comment count display hundreds of comments is an excellent way to display social proof and gain your readers’ trust.
  • Gather more information about your readers: You’d be surprised how much you can learn about your readers from the comments section. You can learn about their likes, dislikes, problems, and roadblocks. You can try to help them out by replying to their questions in the comments. Or, use this information to develop new blog posts, products, and services to better meet their needs.
  • Get valuable feedback: Comments can help you understand if your content is fulfilling its purpose. Comments are an excellent way to gather feedback to see if your readers find your blog helpful. You can also use that feedback to improve your blog.

How to Encourage Comments on Your Blog

Before we get into the tips for getting more blog comments, let’s start with the basics.

The easiest way you can get your readers to comment on your blog is by making your content interesting.

You can’t expect people to comment on your blog if your content isn’t compelling.

Make sure your content grabs attention from the get-go. Pick a title that grabs your reader’s attention, something that entices the readers, or something controversial that would make your readers want to comment.



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