ConvKit Smart Popups for WordPress

ConvKit Smart Popups for WordPress

Growing your list is essential if you want to have a successful business or a blog. One of the best ways to grow your email list is with popups. Love them or hate them, popups are a proven way to increase your conversions. But, if you want your popups to be effective, you have to ensure they have an attractive design as well as show them at just the right time. There are many plugins for WordPress that make it easy to create popup forms. ConvKit is one such popup plugin for WordPress.

In this post, we’ll take a look at what ConvKit does, why you should use it, and go over its core features and pricing options.

What Is ConvKit?

ConvKit touts itself as the intelligent popup plugin for WordPress that will help you increase your conversion rates. The plugin promises to help you create attractive popups with exit-intent technology.

You can use the popups to grow your email list, create gamified popups that boost customer loyalty, use FOMO-based messages to increase your conversions, and more. It integrates with third-party email marketing providers and offers a number of pre-made templates for various popup types.

Why Use ConvKit?

The main reason to use ConvKit is that it’s a plugin designed with conversions in mind. Whether you want to grow your email list or increase the number of sales in your online store, this plugin has the widget for it.

Beyond that, you can also gather feedback from your visitors and set up cart abandonment campaigns.

ConvKit Core Features

ConvKit offers several different features to help you design an attractive popup that shows at the right time. They include different popup types, in-depth popup display controls, and various styling options. Let’s take a closer look at those features.

Popup Types

ConvKit offers different popup types for your campaigns. You can create popups for holiday promotions or to promote special offers. You can also offer document or media downloads or share your best deals with them.

Premade widgets

Premade widgets

What’s interesting about ConvKit is that you can also create popups to gather feedback from your visitors. You can ask them about their level of satisfaction with your service or products as well as more specific questions such as what’s their favorite product.

In addition to that, ConvKit allows you to create popups with FOMO or scarcity-based messaging. For example, you can create widgets that show how many visitors have added a certain product to their cart as well as offer limited time coupons and deals.

Popup Display Controls

Once you’ve decided what type of popup you want, you can fine-tune where, when, and how it displays. For starters, there are several different positions to



This article was written by Brenda Barron and originally published on WPExplorer.

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