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How to Create WooCommerce Product Bundles: Best Plugins - WP Mayor

Searching for the best solution to create WooCommerce product bundles at your store?

Product bundles let you group multiple products together, either in a pre-built configuration or by letting shoppers choose the products that they want to “bundle”.

Bundles can be good for both you and your shoppers. For your store, they encourage larger purchases (vs buying a single product), which boosts your average order value and revenue. This is why you’ll see most successful eCommerce stores incorporating product bundling strategies, including Amazon:

For shoppers, it also makes it easier for them to purchase products that pair well together. For example, you could bundle a teapot with the loose leaf tea that you sell or bundle a case with the pair of sunglasses you sell. You can also let shoppers mix-and-match their own bundles or gift sets – the possibilities are pretty endless.

In this post, we’ll show you several different methods to create WooCommerce product bundles, depending on the exact use case that you want to implement. Here are the different methods that we’ll cover:

  1. Creating a pre-selected product bundle of specific products
  2. Letting shoppers build their own product bundles from some/all of your products
  3. Using bundles to upsell products
  4. Giving shoppers the option to build their own product bundle by selecting from product variations
  5. Implementing some other small tweaks

For all of these tutorials, we’ll assume that you’ve already created your store and added the individual products that you want to include in your bundles. Other than that, we’ll take you through the rest.

Let’s get started…

Create Pre-Built Product Bundles

Example of official bundled product

In this first section, we’ll show you how to create a product bundle of pre-selected products. That is, the product bundle will be the same every single time and users can’t change the products in their bundle (we’ll show you how to set that up next).

This strategy is useful for static situations, like pairing sunglasses with a case. However, it’s probably not the best for things like gift baskets, as you’ll want to give users more control in those use cases.

While you can fix the exact products in your bundle, you have two options for controlling the quantity of those products:

  1. You can fix the quantity of each individual product in the bundle.
  2. You can also let users choose the exact quantity of each product. For example, they could add two of one product, three of another, etc.

To achieve this functionality, you can use the



This article was written by Colin Newcomer and originally published on WP Mayor.

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