How to Use Creator Studio for Facebook and Instagram –

How to Use Creator Studio for Facebook and Instagram

You know how handy it is to maintain your social media profile in the app and on the gadget in your pocket especially if you’re a brand, influencer, or creator on Instagram. However, you most likely had to utilize an external third-party tool if you ever wanted to view it on a bigger screen, like your desktop. In order to aid businesses in developing their brands, expanding their audiences, managing posts, and videos, and providing excellent coverage, Facebook introduced Creator Studio. If you manage multiple pages, you can switch between them without logging into each one separately. And Instagram post scheduling, which has been widely anticipated, is now possible. The fact that this Facebook tool is free is the best part!

Enter Facebook Creator Studio, a desktop platform where you can manage accounts using the same in-app features you’re used to. The option to schedule postings is an added feature. Learn how to utilize Instagram Creator Studio to manage your profile in this post, including how to schedule material, comprehend metrics, and monetize your content. Read on to learn about further options that Creator Studio provides.

What May Creator Studio Be Used For

You can publish, schedule, and manage posts across numerous Facebook and Instagram profiles with Creator Studio. The best part is that you can do it all in one location. On your Facebook pages, you can also make and manage playlists and upload numerous videos at once. Creator Studio gives you the option to track video performance in order to assist you in producing future material that is better. You can use it to respond to comments and messages on Facebook and Instagram.

The ability to freely browse, download, and use music for videos from audio collections is another fantastic feature. The audience’s demographic data is also provided. You are able to see what countries they come from, what language they speak, what their interests are, the pages they like, and the videos they watch. All the options provided by Author Studio are now available on mobile devices thanks to the Creator Studio application.

You may learn more about the effectiveness of the videos on your site by choosing the Insights option from the menu on the left. You will receive various information depending on the period you choose and the type of video (uploaded or shared). You can see how many times your videos that last at least a minute have been seen. You may also see how long your videos have been viewed overall, including replays. You can choose to view the number of times your videos that last at least three seconds have been viewed. Engagement, or the number of viewers who responded to, commented on, or shared your videos, is one of the crucial factors. In addition, the stats display the number of new followers less the number of users who ceased following your page within the specified time.

Facebook Creator Studio

How to Use Facebook Creator Studio

The ability to schedule updates and reply to comments from users without leaving the page is made possible by Facebook Creator Studio, making it simpler for users of social media. In addition to A/B tests, the tool allows you to analyze the data to determine what kind of content and media are producing the best results for your website. By tapping the second icon from the left to right in the toolbar on the left side of the screen, you can see the achievements of each post, including the number of likes, comments, and shares.

How to Use Instagram Creator Studio

Instagram Creator Studio allows you to post content, schedule content, and get account insights. We’ll go over every step in detail below. You’ll be at the Creator Studio dashboard when you first link your account, where you can see a quick summary of the content on your profile, including videos, pictures, carousels, stories, and IGTV content. To view each sort of material separately, click on a specific tab. You can view a list of the posts you have planned for the future on the Calendar page. In the Monetization tab, you can manage your brand collaboration. You must have a public, active account, 10,000 followers, continuous participation over the past month, and a clear record of no content violations in order to use this service. The Create Post button is located on the second tab of the Creator Studio dashboard.

Creator Studio is an excellent tool for any Facebook or Instagram page overall. You can keep an eye on how well the content you are making is performing across various pages. It makes it simpler for you to interact with your fans and gives you insight into how your audience engages with your material. Scheduling stories is the only thing that is still not feasible but with other amazing features, it is still worth using.

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