4 Domain Mapping WordPress Plugins

4 Domain Mapping WordPress Plugins

WordPress makes it easy to bring your site online. In order to manage multiple domains on your website, you are going to need a domain mapping tool. This is great if you want to publish landing pages to catchy domains you own. These 4 domain mapping plugins let you easily handle this:

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Multiple Domain Mapping on Single Site: a simple plugin that maps domains to specific pages on your site. You simply have to point your domain to your WordPress site and let this plugin handle URI mapping.

4 Domain Mapping WordPress Plugins 1

Domain Mapping System: a domain mapping WordPress plugin that lets you manage multiple domains on your site and point them to your posts, pages, products, and categories. The pro version lets you create microsites. It supports subdirectory mapping.

4 Domain Mapping WordPress Plugins 2

Pronamic Domain Mapping: this plugin lets you publish a page on extra domains you have. It is also compatible with multisite networks.

4 Domain Mapping WordPress Plugins 3

Each Domain a Page: as the name suggests, this plugin lets you manage a large number of landing pages and one-page websites. You can change various settings in the back-end (e.g. enable www, ssl, canonical).

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