Review: Honest & Complete Look At What It Offers in

Elementor Review: Honest & Complete Look At What It Offers in 2022

Are you considering using Elementor to build your WordPress site? In our hands-on Elementor review, we’ll help you decide if it’s the right tool for your site.

Like other page builders, Elementor gives you a visual, drag-and-drop interface to design your WordPress site – no code or technical knowledge needed.

But Elementor is a lot more than just a page builder plugin. That’s a big part of why it’s grown to become the most popular WordPress builder plugin.

It’s packed with advanced features like a theme builder, popup builder, WooCommerce builder, dynamic content support, and more. Now, it even offers its own cloud hosted website solution that handles hosting for you so that you can just focus on building your site without worrying about the technical details.

📚 In our review, we’re going to cover all of that so that you know if Elementor is right for you. Here’s everything that I’ll go over:

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s dig in!

🤔 Elementor Review: Who Is Elementor For?

Before I get deeper into this Elementor review, I want to start by talking about the types of people who can benefit the most from Elementor.

One of the reasons that I think Elementor has been so successful is that it offers something for everyone:

  • Casual users – you get full control over your website’s design without needing any technical knowledge. You can use a visual, drag-and-drop interface for everything and there are lots of templates to use as a starting point.
  • Marketers – Elementor includes a dedicated feature to create separate landing pages. You also get features like a form widget (with integrations including Zapier) and a flexible popup builder. It’s a great way to create and iterate landing pages without needing to rely on a developer.
  • Freelancers/agencies building client sites – Elementor lets you speed up your workflows and deliver better websites to clients. The theme builder and dynamic content support let you even create custom content sites and WooCommerce stores as needed.

That’s not to say that those are the only people who can benefit from Elementor. I’m just trying to showcase that Elementor can be helpful for a lot of different types of users.

⚙️ How the Elementor Interface Works

Before I dig into some of the notable features in Elementor, I want to give you a quick overview of how the Elementor interface works.

I won’t spend too long here because you can figure all of this out by installing the free version of Elementor and playing around (which I do recommend doing), but I think it’s useful to establish the baseline functionality before going further.

Introducing the Interface

Elementor offers a visual, drag-and-drop interface. That means exactly what it sounds



This article was written by Colin Newcomer and originally published on WPKube.

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