From Employees To Agency — Takeaways From Our Webinar With Something Familiar

From Employees To Agency — Takeaways From Our Webinar With Something Familiar

According to the team, they start off by asking lots of questions in what they call the discovery phase. That’s where they look into the client’s business, objectives, and competitors. 

They normally do a small brand audit where they look at how the company looks, feels, and sounds like. It really helps to step into the company’s shoes and see things from their perspective, but also more importantly, from the perspective of their customers.

If it’s a large website project, their process involves weekly check-in meetings with documents that show timelines, the weekly agenda, etc. It’s very structured and everyone can add tasks and ask questions. The team is very responsive and they are always there to answer questions and to collaborate.

Essentially, their business model is around investing and developing strong and lasting relationships with their clients. They truly aim to deliver value to their clients, and they take the extra step to assure that, like, for example, offering ongoing support for 30 days after the completion of the project. 

It’s really important to map out the client’s expectations and your own expectations early on. During their discovery phase, they gather all those insights and define business objectives. Then, they choose one goal that’s measurable, and they call it their north star. Clearly, there will be many other measurable goals and KPIs, but this one will always be the thing they measure against. 

An example of this north star for one of their projects was: to drive more leads to the website. There were a lot of other goals, but that was the most important one. The company wanted to drive more traffic through their HubSpot forums to that website site and that was the one metric that would guide their project.

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This article was written by Matan Naveh and originally published on Elementor Blog.

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