How New England Cord Blood Bank Uses Neve to Optimize Their Content

How New England Cord Blood Bank Uses Neve to Optimize Their Content

I’m back with the showcase series, an interesting process for us to understand our users, their needs, and the various uses of Neve, our top theme. Neve recently surpassed 80,000 active installs, so I’m reaching out to some of the people who use Neve to learn more about them.

I thought this might be a difficult job but, so far, the people I’ve talked to have been extremely open, friendly, and willing to answer all types of questions.

In this showcase, we’ll be looking at how New England Cord Blood Bank is adapting to modern-day customers and using Neve to keep their content optimized.

If you’re a parent, you might have heard about stem cells and the medical developments around it. If you haven’t, like me, you are about to get your knowledge updated. I’ve talked to John Foley, Sales and Marketing Manager of the New England Cord Blood Bank and felt like I was on the Discovery Health Channel film set. It was no surprise to find out that John majored in Philosophy, same as me. Since then, he moved towards online advertising (like me) and he’s been with the Cord Blood bank for three and a half years (I swear it’s when I started at ThemeIsle). Okay, enough with the synchronicity.

John has become very knowledgeable about the collection, processing, and storage of stem cells and solely worked on the redesign of the website with Neve. So let’s look at John’s journey so far, the website’s recent redesign, and the particularities of this future-like industry.

New England Cord Blood Bank

John Foley on his experience with WordPress and Neve

How long have you been working with WordPress?

I have been working with WordPress for pretty close to ten years now. I’m no Pro but, you know, just like everyone else, you learn as you go long.

I studied Philosophy. It was a perfect major for me because I really didn’t know what I wanted to do. And it can be applied to all different realms, so it works for me. I feel like what I gained from studying philosophy applies to my work every day. But the bad reputation still persists, at least over here. They have a joke in the United States, “What can you do with a philosophy degree? Well, you can flip burgers”, things like that. But I think you and I know that’s not the truth because philosophy is an excellent major.

Are you now specialized in online marketing?

It’s kind of the area that I’ve grown up in. When I got to college, I worked in print advertising for a little bit. I got familiar with print advertising and I’ve designed print ads and published



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