3 Fake Customer Blockers for WooCommerce

3 Fake Customer Blockers for WooCommerce

WooCommerce makes it easy to bring your store and sell all kinds of digital and physical products. As your store gets more popular, it will get targeted by hackers and dishonest actors. There are plenty of plugins that can make it harder for cybercriminals to mess with your store. Thanks to these 3 plugins, you can block fake customers:

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Fake Customer Blocker: this plugin blocks fake customer orders based on banned domains. You can customize checkout error message, download message, and more. You can use this plugin to block customers from specific states or zip codes.

3 Fake Customer Blockers for WooCommerce 1

Fraud Prevention for WooCommerce: this plugin stops suspicious purchases made on your site. It lets you block customers by email, IP address, state, and zip code.

3 Fake Customer Blockers for WooCommerce 2

Woo Manage Fraud Orders: this WooCommerce extension lets you blacklist customers by phone, e-mail, or IP address. It tracks the number of fraud order attempts and blacklists those who exceed your set limits.

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