It’s Here! New Forminator Field Grouping and Repeater Option Is Now Available

It’s Here! New Forminator Field Grouping and Repeater Option Is Now Available

Tired of adding the same fields over and over when creating forms? New Forminator Field Group feature saves you time and lets you add unlimited additional fields to your forms.

That’s right — our free 5-star rating Forminator plugin just stepped up its form game with new Field Groups!

It’s been highly requested and it’s finally here!

“The repeater field is an extremely useful one – I hope to see it on Forminator soon.”

Chris W. – WPMU DEV Member

“I would like to duplicate a row of form fields multiple times without having to rebuild it each time.”

Ryan – WPMU DEV Member

“This would be really useful.”

Chris – WPMU DEV Member

And finally…

“Any updates on the repeater field?”

Rich – WPMU DEV Member

Well, Rich (and everyone else) — the wait is over!

Grouping fields is helpful for repeatable data entry, such as adding multiple contacts, job references, details of persons or companies, etc. Build your custom field groups and replicate these in your forms as required.

Forminator now makes it simpler and easier than ever to input similar data!

This brief article will show you how quickly you can get a field group and repeater option up and running on your next form.

We’ll cover how to:

Before we have a field day with the new feature, let’s see it in action.

Example of Forminator’s Field Group

Check out exactly what creating a field group can do. This example shows you what happens when a user changes event attendance on a specific form.

You can view how new fields are added as the attendance changes.

Need more fields? Forminator adds them instantly and automatically!

Like what you see? It’s a scenario where:

  • You want your users to be able to enter their information for their own attendance.
  • You want users to be able to add information for up to 4 guests.
  • The user’s event ticket will cost $20, and any added guests will be $10 each.
  • You want to use Stripe to process the payments.

Head to this link to see the entire example and even get the code to incorporate this type of scenario into your site! You can then adjust it accordingly and set it up to your specifications.

And now that you’ve seen what a field group and repeater can do let’s show you how it’s done.

Set Up a New Field Group

Getting started with setting up a Field Group for a form only takes a few clicks. You can add this to an existing form or create a new one. (If you’re new to Forminator, check out this article for a refresher on how to set up a form.)

Simply select Field Group for the list of fields.

The Field Group selection is located with the rest of the fields.

After clicking on the Field Group field, you will create a Label and, if you want, a Description.

The labels area.Add any label you’d like and an optional description.

You’re now ready to start adding fields to the Field Group!

The field group area.The Field Group is ready to be created!

Here’s how to do it.

Add Fields to Groups

Clicking + Add Fields to Group allows you to add most fields you’d like (there are just several fields that aren’t an option for field groups). Keep in mind any field you make can be replicated if the user needs to do so.

So, in this case, I have a form that requires a name and email. I’ve added a Text and Address field for colleges in the Field Group.

Various fields added in the Field Group.This example would work well on a form that requires educational background.

And after editing the text, here’s what the live example would look like.

Education form example.A school form would be good use in a job application.

As you can see, at the bottom of the form, it says Add School and Remove School. It’s a customized text I added (which I’ll get into how to add coming up) and is what is added or removed in a click by the user.

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