25 Free TimeSaving Online Tools for WordPress Developers


As Fred wrote in an earlier post, learning WordPress development is hard. It’s not just a case of being able to write code. There’s a heap of associated skills: analysis, design, SEO, copywriting, user experience, maintenance and more.

WordPress developers have to wear a number of hats, and can’t be experts in everything. It therefore helps to have tools to do some of the heavy lifting and speed up your workflow.

This article introduces 25 online tools that are helpful in WordPress development.

This article introduces 25 online tools that are very helpful in WordPress development. My definition of “online tools” here doesn’t include WordPress plugins. Rather, most of these tools are standalone sites that let you input stuff and output something useful, whether that’s a code snippet, a download, a piece of reformatted text, or simply some helpful information.

Many of these tools have been created by other developers who needed thing X to do task Y, and they’re sharing their work with the developer community.

Best of all is that all these online tools are free! A few have paid upgrade versions if you want more features.

WordPress Development Tools: Analysis

Since many website projects are redesigns, these tools help with examining existing websites.

If you’re writing a proposal and don’t yet have access to a website’s back end, you can look “under the hood” of a site, perhaps to plan the design and build, or to study a competitor.

1. WordPress Theme Detector

There are a few sites that perform a Sherlock Holmes-style deduction on a WordPress website’s theme. My favorite is WordPress Theme Detector.

If the theme is publicly available, there’s a download link.

The detector can also tell if a child theme is being used on the site and identify some plugins.

2. BuiltWith

Another online detective, BuiltWith delves deep into the technology behind a site.

It can detect more plugins used than WP Theme Detector and reveal information on analytics, hosting, CDN used, server type and more. You can also see what other sites are using a particular technology.

There are extensions for Firefox and Chrome to make lookups quickly.

3. Unminify

While minified code is great for a speedy site, it’s not easy to read.

You can reverse the process with Unminify.

Just copy and paste the code into the box, hit the Unminify button and hey presto! Clearly formatted, readable code.

WordPress Development Tools: Design and Development

These tools help with front-end and back-end elements of the website build process.

4. FontPair

If you’re (re)designing a website, typography is a key ingredient. Most developers are familiar with the free Google Fonts, but putting the right typefaces together can take a little thought.

FontPair delivers the perfect match.

Simply select the



This article was written by Claire Brotherton and originally published on WPShout.

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