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7 Free Tools To Keep Your WordPress Site Healthy in 2022 - ManageWP

Like most New Year’s greetings, our wishes for you and your WordPress site are for a prosperous and healthy new year. 

Unlike those greeting cards, we’re going to help you acheive those platitudes with a list of choice tools to keep your site healthy without having to open your wallet.

Simply enter your website url into the malware scanner to check against existing blocklist organizations, and scan your website for infections. The site scanner also checks for an SSL certificate, firewall, and monitoring to see where you could improve your website security.

If your website is feeling sluggish, find out why. This website speed test not only tells you what your page’s load time is, it provides a grade for several categories with suggestions for improvement in performance. See which compononents of your site are taking the longest to load, and get back to your peak game.

pingdom website speed test - wordpress tool

VirusTotal allows you to upload any suspicious files in addition to scanning urls for malware detection. It runs the file or url through a list of dozens of security vendors to let you know if the file or site is clean.

7 Free Tools To Keep Your WordPress Site Healthy in 2022 - ManageWP 1virus total result page from website scan – free wordpress tool

Use mouse flow’s heat maps to keep a pulse on your site’s vitals. See how visitors are interacting with your website and what areas they aren’t visiting. Are they getting distracted by non-important elements? See where your customers click, linger, and scroll past. Mouse flow offers a free version that can be used forever.

heatmap of site activity - wordpress tool

Scans for known vulnerabilities that have been indexed in the WPScan Vulnerability Database. This database includes over 14,000 bugs. Wpsec also checks your WordPress version and assign you a risk number based on the results.

url loading page for WPSEC website scanner

This tool scans your PC and devices. It matters because malware can get to sites through compromised endpoints. The devices that you use to access your WordPress site cannot be infected.

device vulnerability scanner

Check your emails and passwords to see if they were exposed in a data breach. If you are using compromised login credentials to access your WordPress site your site is at risk.

Have I Been pwned results page - shoulding the password has been exploited 8 times


These free tools can help you keep your site in tip-top shape and free from infections  in 2022 with these security, speed and heat-mapping platforms to help you stay your healthiest. 

Cheers to that!

7 Free Tools To Keep Your WordPress Site Healthy in 2022 - ManageWP 2

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