FSE Outreach #14: Building Recipe Posts With Lists and Quotes

FSE Outreach #14: Building Recipe Posts With Lists and Quotes

Round #14 of the FSE Outreach program is now open to the public. Anne McCarthy, who oversees the program, calls for testers to build a recipe post using existing tools like the template editor and some new and experimental blocks.

Those who want to leave feedback can do so until May 18. The program always needs testers from across the spectrum of user experiences. This is an easy way to contribute back to the WordPress project.

The latest round calls on users to test some new blocks in the Gutenberg plugin. Some of these are related to comments. I opted out of this part of the test because I had already covered everything I had to say in an article in early April. That post, along with feedback from the community, helped drive some of the changes that should land in WordPress 6.0.

My focus was on the List and Quote block updates for this round. “Version 2” of these are available via Gutenberg 13.1 and must be enabled via the Gutenberg > Experiments admin screen.

The new List is no longer a single block. Instead, each item within it is a separate block of its own. Likewise, for each sub-list.

The overhaul of the Quote block allows end-users to nest other blocks within it. By default, this is a Paragraph, and there seems to be no limit to what can be placed inside.

I had fun with this testing round. Recipes are my jam, so I had to pick the perfect one to share. Ultimately, I built a custom “recipe template” and a faux recipe post, as shown in the following screenshot:

For this experiment, I relied on the ever-reliable Archeo theme by Automattic. It has been my go-to for several weeks now, and I will likely continue using it until I find something new that sparks my interest. It is definitely a solid solution for these types of tests.

Testing the New List and Quote Blocks

The call for testing asks volunteers to create a custom template for recipe posts. The only change I made to the theme’s default single template was to wrap the site header, post title, and post excerpt in a Cover block tied to the post’s featured image.



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