What Makes Great Landing Pages? 16 Things You Need to Know

What Makes Great Landing Pages? 16 Things You Need to Know

When you know what makes great landing pages, then you can find ways to put them to work for your business website. These pages can grow your business with new marketing leads. In this article, we discuss how a well-designed landing page can benefit your business and common landing page mistakes.

If you spend any time on the internet, you know there is a lot of noise coming at you from all directions. Sometimes, the noise becomes a welcome distraction and you invest your day scrolling kitten memes and funny videos. 

Other times, the constant barrage of noise keeps you from finding what you set out to uncover when you logged into the internet in the first place. Instead of providing you with what you need, the noise keeps you from getting to where you want to go.

Distractions aren’t good for your business, whether it’s you that gets caught in the distractions, or your potential customers. Becoming part of the noise hinders you from standing out from the crowd.

As a business owner, you want to direct your visitor to where they want to go instead of becoming part of what’s standing in the way. Simple messages focused on answering a question or need provides the visitor with the guidance they seek. With strong pages highlighting the message you will be able to give the users what they want and direct them to where you need them to go.

“Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at.”

— Leo Burnett

If you want to create a great landing page that informs, invites, and engages your visitors, keep it simple. The more you clutter the page the more you clutter the message. The more clutter the less likely you are to get the focused returns you desire.

What is a Great Landing Page?

A landing page is a standalone web page that allows you to direct people to a single location so you can communicate a specific message with a call to action. Think of the landing pages as web pages with sales copy that focuses on one specific marketing message.

What is your promotion or special offer? Are you trying to build a mailing list, take a survey, or offer a free resource? A landing page helps accomplish a specific objective with a call to action.

Landing pages help accomplish a specific objective with a call to action.

Why Use Landing Pages?

Landing pages are designed to create an action by visitors. It’s important to know the reason for your landing page before you determine the best practices for your landing page. You need to have a specific goal for each page.

Are you trying to increase sales?

Do you want to drive traffic to your email list?

Are you trying to get visitors to download your latest content upgrade or lead magnets?

Would you like visitors to take part in your trial products?

Did you want people to signup for your webinar?

Whatever the driving reason, you can build a strong landing page to drive the results you need. The right landing page serves as a marketing tool that highlights your specific action (which will lead to purposeful conversions).

Two Types of Landing Pages

1. Click-Through

These types of landing pages are meant to encourage visitors to “warm-up” to your product and, as a result, click through the landing page via a “call to action” button.


Moz does a great job with several “call to action” buttons. Besides the Try Moz free button, you get an Explore all features button as well as a Learn more section for each of the products.

2. Lead Generation

Lead generation landing pages have the specific purpose to collect personal information about users like name, email, phone number, etc. – and use it for marketing purposes.

Too much information and additional navigation could potentially distract from the primary goal, which is to collect user information.


The most recent landing page Lyft drivers is simple, clean, and easy to navigate. Anyone visiting the page knows exactly what to do and what to expect.

It is recommended to not include additional information or links that navigate away from the landing page. This includes a clickable logo.

Benefits of Great Landing Pages

Landing pages promote a specific marketing campaign and create marketing leads. Businesses can use landing pages to pitch specific, focused messages to users.

Targeted content means a more meaningful interaction or conversation with your site’s visitors, so identifying and developing a strategy for landing pages is important.

Landing pages allow businesses to measure traffic and evaluate the success of ads, promotions, or offers.

Examples of Pages with Great Elements

Stitch Fix


The Stitch Fix landing page focuses on the needs of the user by directing them to a style quiz. The background images are a looped video, but the overlying message remains the same. “Discovering styles you love just got easier.”



Codecademy is an example of a lead generation landing page. The copy is clear and concise. The image and colors add movement to the page. And, instead of social share buttons, users can sign-up using their social signatures (making the process even easier).



Trulia is a well-known, trusted company. This allows them to use minimal copy, which is great. The above landing page features a simplistic message that lends a hand to communicating a quick and easy process.

The image is also communicating just how easy the process is with a picture of a family outside their new home.



Uber is another popular company able to do more with less.

This landing page is directed toward users interested in being potential Uber drivers with a simple “call to action.” It also gives users a chance to learn more information about driving for Uber.

Simple, clean, and to the point not only make great pages but also will help make your pages evergreen.

What Makes a Great Landing Page? 10 Tips

It’s important to focus on several key components when your start building your page. I believe rules are meant to be broken, so don’t feel bound by these tips.

Be intentional with your landing page design. You don’t have to sacrifice design for function, but remember, landing pages are created to serve a purpose.

1. Minimal copy

Keep your message short and concise. Remember simple is better.

2. Strong headline

Catch the attention straight away. Again, simple and clear is best.

3. Bulleted lists

Lists break down information for users. Keep the information easy to locate.

4. Eye-catching call to action (CTA)

Use colors that stand out and make buttons big and easy to find. Be sure the choices you make remain true to your brand and vision.

5. Use good keywords in CTA

Free, claim, now, start, your, limited, etc. Use a word that tells your visitor the next step.

6. Testimonials

These are a nice touch and promote trust. Do you struggle to get testimonials? The right customer survey can provide you with the material you need.

7. No points of exit

Don’t distract users or give them a way out of your website. The whole goal of your landing page is to push them to the call to action.

8. Use relevant imagery

Use images to your advantage to catch and hold the attention of your visitors. Be sure to keep the images relevant so they add to your message instead of cluttering up the message.

9. Limit form fields

Only ask for information that is absolutely necessary. The more you ask of your visitors the more you hinder their progress to follow through.

10. Well-defined CTA

Make it easy to follow through.

6 Common Landing Page Mistakes

1. An unclear or unremarkable call to action

Use strong action-oriented words that encourage users to take an action. Grab the user’s attention with color, font, and size. Use buttons for your call to action and make them stand out in high contrast to the rest of the page. Remember, if you don’t know what you want them to do then you won’t be able to create a clear message that tells them what to do.

2. A form with too many fields

Only include form fields asking for necessary user information. Users are lazy, so don’t make them do more work than needed. According to this great report by Straight North, an SEO services company, user-friendly forms are one of the 10 ways to make your lead generation website convert on the first visit.

3. Using images that distract from the message

Images can add interest and clarity to a message, but choose wisely and choose relevant images. Too much clutter can slow load times, distract attention, or overwhelm the eyes so that the user clicks away instead of following through.

4. The footer contains links to other pages

Don’t provide an exit from the landing page. You want to encourage visitors to connect with you on social media to create more engagement on most occasions. But when it comes to landing pages you want to keep the focus on your call to action.

5. A confusing message

While you try to limit copy, make sure the message is clear. Users, most likely, won’t sign up for things they don’t understand.

6. The phone number isn’t  “call-ready”

Mobile is rapidly becoming the popular way to surf the web. When websites make it easy for users to click on a “call-ready” phone number, it promotes a positive user experience.

Wrapping Up: Make Your Great Landing Page Today

Don’t be overwhelmed by the challenge of creating the right landing page. Start by defining your goals. Develop content that is clear and concise. Embrace your vision and brand. With the simple ideas shared above, you can create great landing pages that will meet your goals.

Get the bonus content: 10 Keys to Great Landing Pages

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