GutenKit Review: How to Build Sites in the WordPress Block Editor with Zero Coding

GutenKit Review: How to Build Sites in the WordPress Block Editor with Zero Coding

The native WordPress Block Editor provides a lot of flexibility when designing your website. It lets you easily create custom website layouts and customize your content blocks. However, when you’re trying to design a truly unique website, you quickly encounter limitations. As our GutenKit review will show you, this is the job for the right type of page builder.

Page builders give you the freedom and control to create truly unique websites using an easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder. Although they might have a slightly steeper learning curve, they truly unlock the possibilities of what you can do with your site.

In this GutenKit review, we’ll explore the main features and benefits of the plugin, so you can decide if it’s the right WordPress page builder for your site.

Introducing the GutenKit Page Builder for WordPress

GutenKit is a WordPress page builder built on top of the WordPress Block Editor. It lets website owners of any skill create responsive web content and customize entire sites without any coding experience. 

Although powerful, many WordPress site builders tend to be very difficult to use and geared toward more advanced users. This plugin simplifies the website-building experience so that even complete beginners can build a beautiful and functional site.

Let’s look at a few ways GutenKit stands out.

Build Within the WordPress Block Editor

Many WordPress page builders require you to build pages using their interface and tool. This means you need to spend time learning how the tool works and the different terminology associated with different features.

GutenKit works directly within the existing WordPress Block Editor. So, instead of learning how to use a new tool, you simply get access to more blocks and customization options directly within WordPress itself, like the Accordion block below.

GutenKit accordion block

If you’ve been customizing your site using the existing Block Editor, you’ll feel right at home with this plugin. 

Fast Loading Content Assets

Many page builders let you create fully custom websites, but they do so at the expense of your loading speeds. A fast-loading WordPress website is required if you want to succeed online today.

GutenKit solves the slow loading speeds issue by only loading the assets your site is currently using. It also uses inline SVG icons, which only load the icons you currently use, not the entire library. All of this and having clean and lightweight code go a long way toward reducing the loading impact. 

Advanced Animations and Customizations

Many modern websites use interactive effects to improve user engagement. However, animations aren’t a built-in feature of the native Block Editor. 

Currently, GutenKit extends this functionality by giving you access to the unique ‘Glass Morphism’ effect, which adds a frosted effect to any Block. Soon to be released are over 40+ motion animation effects, along with the 3D parallax effect for vertical and horizontal scrolling. 

Beyond these advanced features, GutenKit lets you customize every aspect of your site, from changing backgrounds to adjusting padding and changing colors. You can even drag the width of any container on your site to your desired value. This is a feature of many popular website builders; you get it for free.

Full Site Editing Experience

The WordPress Site Editor lets you make site-wide customizations. GutenKit works seamlessly with the WordPress Site Editor to help you create unique page layouts, fully customize your header and footer, and more.

GutenKit header block

It includes a variety of blocks, templates, and patterns that are compatible with the Site Editor, including blocks built specifically for the header and footer area.

Huge Template and Block Library

Building a site from scratch takes a lot of time. GutenKit is a great way to shorten this time frame by using one of the 300+ templates. These templates are clean and modern and will definitely impress your visitors. Currently, there are templates for SaaS landing pages, agency portfolios, digital marketing services, personal portfolios, and restaurants. 

GutenKit template library

Beyond the templates, there are 37+ different blocks and modules you can use to add more content elements to your site. These include advanced accordions, tabs, videos, pricing tables, countdown timers, FAQs, team profiles, and much more. 

GutenKit blocks

GutenKit Review: Core Features

As you can see, there are many advantages to using GutenKit over the traditional Block Editor or another third-party WordPress page builder. 

Here’s a more detailed list of all the features this plugin provides:

  • Fully optimized and lightweight code for faster loading speeds
  • 100 percent responsive design that caters to any device
  • Over 400 pre-designed templates and patterns to choose from
  • Fully customizable layout that includes full site editing
  • Over 45 different motion animations (coming soon)
  • Support for global color scheme
  • Support for block API version 3
  • Huge inline SVG icon library
  • Access to over 900 Google Fonts
  • Ability to copy and paste styles across different blocks

Plus, this feature set is only the beginning. Since it’s a relatively new plugin, you can expect the feature set and Block library to continue to grow. 

GutenKit Review: Pricing

At the time of writing, GutenKit is entirely free. Simply download and install the GutenKit plugin from the WordPress Plugin Repository to start customizing your site.

However, a Pro version will be released soon. This version will unlock even more functionality and site customization options.

Here are some of the features that are going to be reserved for the Pro version:

  • A mega menu builder
  • One-page scrolling effect
  • Dynamic content 
  • A query loop builder
  • Sticky content
  • Flip boxes
  • Advanced search feature
  • Advanced masonry grid

GutenKit FAQs

Why do you need to use a page builder with Gutenberg?

Gutenberg allows you to customize your WordPress site with custom blocks. However, in its current state, it should be viewed as a custom content builder rather than a full-fledged page and website builder. A WordPress page builder gives you more options for advanced customizations and truly building the feature-rich site you require. 

Who will benefit most from using GutenKit?

GutenKit is a highly versatile plugin that extends the functionality of the native Gutenberg builder. Anyone already using Gutenberg can take advantage of the plugin’s additional functionality, features, and new blocks.

Which WordPress themes are compatible with GutenKit?

GutenKit is compatible with any WordPress theme as long as it meets the latest WordPress Theme Development Standards.

Closing Thoughts: Is GutenKit Right For You?

Overall, GutenKit is a no-brainer for website owners and builders who are using the native Block Editor to make site customizations. It offers a lot of freedom and flexibility in customizing your site beyond the default WordPress features. Plus, it’s easy to use, offering page-level and site-wide customization options. 

Many of the WordPress page builder options available offer power and flexibility. However, they also can come with drawbacks such as slow usability, clunky interfaces, and steep learning curves. Our GutenKit review shows you how the plugin supercharges the existing WordPress Block Editor without impacting the functionality.

If you’ve been looking for a simple and easy-to-use page builder that lets you customize your site exactly to your liking, give GutenKit a try!

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