How to improve your writing style: 6 tips to write an attractive text

How to improve your writing style: 6 tips to write an attractive text • Yoast

Marieke van de Rakt

Marieke van de Rakt is the founder of Yoast SEO Academy and CEO of Yoast. Her favorite SEO topics are SEO copywriting and site structure.

Some of us are natural writers. They can write an attractive, fun, readable text in a matter of minutes. Others lack that skill. Unfortunately, they’ll have more difficulties keeping visitors on their website. But, while attractive writing is partly a matter of talent, practice sure helps! In this blog post, I’ll give six tips to improve the style of your text and make sure the content of your website is attractive.

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1. Read a lot

If you want to develop an attractive writing style, you should read a lot. It doesn’t matter if you read novels, blogs, magazines, the newspaper, etc. Reading regularly is an essential step towards improving your own writing. Firstly, it will teach you how other people form their sentences and build their paragraphs. Also, if you read often, you’ll learn how to use jokes and how to play with language through real-life examples. Finally, lots of reading gets you to develop a gut feeling about what makes a nicely readable text. You’ll be inspired to write your own awesome articles in no time!

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2. Decide upon formal or informal

Most web texts are not very formal. Blogging especially allows for an informal style. However, not all blogs are alike and not all bloggers are alike. So, keep in mind your brand and your audience and decide upon a formal or informal style to address your readers. Use a style that fits both you and your blog and try to be consistent, otherwise, your readers will probably get confused.

For example, at, we try to write in an enthusiastic manner. We are all young, our company is young and constantly changing and we’re passionate about what we are doing. Also, we think an enthusiastic style fits our audience. Looking at other sites and giving things like this some thought can help if you’re unsure what style is right for you.

3. Go for variation

For a text to be attractive to a reader, it should be varied. This means that you should try to avoid repetition! Try to alternate long sentences with shorter ones. Avoid long sentences altogether. Reading from a screen tends to be hard on people. Long, complicated sentences make reading even harder.

Look at the way your sentences are composed. Try to alternate the sequence of words. Most languages allow for all kinds of variations in word order. For example, a sentence like: “At Yoast, we give SEO advice” can be written as “we give SEO advice at Yoast,” but also as “SEO advice is given at Yoast”. Varying in the composition of your sentences can make your text much



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