Introducing Beta Developer Edition: A New Way for Developers to Impact

Introducing Elementor Beta Developer Edition: A New Way for Developers to Impact Elementor

The Elementor team is constantly working on improving our release process, increasing the stability of our platform, and making sure new versions work glitch-free across a wide range of site configurations.

As part of this continuous effort, we are excited to launch the new Elementor Beta plugin, AKA Developer Edition. This plugin will allow advanced users and developers to test new features before they are officially rolled out, and share their feedback with the Elementor development team. With Developer Edition, you will have access to a stream of features, experimental capabilities, and improvements at various degrees of development. We will use this plugin to validate features in development, test them on as many live sites and use cases as possible, and gain feedback before they are stable enough to be released.

It enables us to test and release new features more frequently, rapidly resolve issues as they arise, and eventually release versions after they have been tried and tested by our community of developers and advanced users first.

Developer Edition is a separate plugin available from the WordPress Repository, and requires an active installation of the core Elementor plugin (Elementor Pro is not a prerequisite). Currently, Developer Edition will not contain Elementor Pro versions, we are working on adding this ability soon.

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This article was written by Ben Pines and originally published on Elementor Blog.

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