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Top 5 Virtual Whiteboard Tools That Will Enable Easy and Fun Collaboration - WP Pluginsify

Most businesses have had to go digital in recent months. Some tasks, such as writing or file-sharing might be easy to transfer into the virtual sphere, but those that require collaboration and group creativity might pose themselves as a problem due to a lack of an actual workspace.

Since that much-needed workspace is at the moment not available, alternatives to it are greatly needed. That’s why virtual whiteboards became immensely popular recently. They replace your office whiteboard effectively and add some features that would be completely unachievable on a real whiteboard.

So if you’re interested in something of that sort, check out our top picks for the best virtual whiteboard tools.

1. Collaboard

Organizing your thoughts and the work done by your team in a virtual space is going to become a whole lot easier with Collaboard’s features for adding sticky notes, images, shapes, icons, etc, and incorporating documents ranging from PDF to Word and Excel. There’s also an integrated video and image search option that allows for seamless addition of picture or video web material.

Just like on a real whiteboard, you can add your doodles and sketch out ideas for everyone to understand with automatic digital pen recognition. Spark your creativity and connect any element with another one, then choose a style for the connection and make an organized system of ideas to help your team get along faster.

Also, since the most important aspect of a digital whiteboard is collaboration, anyone signed in can create content for others to see with the administrator’s permission.

FEES: There is a special deal on Collaboard currently up on AppSumo. The Single version now costs $49 for a one-time purchase, the Double $98, and the Multiple $147.

2. Miro


Miro is an online whiteboard that gives its users an infinite canvas. There’s plenty of things you can add to it like arrows, post-it-notes, and drawings (both smart drawings and freehand).

Collaboration in real-time allows team members to present their ideas more clearly and with structure, so your meeting will always be organized and productive. You can even leave notes for your colleagues to read afterward and build on your suggestions.

Everything you create on Miro can be exported in PDF files and used for presentations offline. Miro also plays well with others and integrates with a vast number of third-party apps that you already use. And the security system is well developed so you don’t ever have to worry about your data.

FEES: Miro does offer a free plan, however, the number of boards in that plan is really small and if your need is a business-oriented board, you’ll probably need a bigger plan.

The Team plan costs $8/mo, the Business $16/mo, and to find out the



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