Justin Tadlock’s Take on WP Theming Today

Those of you who are newer to the WordPress space, just let me tell you that Justin Tadlock is a real WordPress OG (in my ~15 years experience #OfficiallyOld), so I take his opinions pretty seriously. So I thought his whole take on the “state of WordPress theming” is surely a good place to ground your attention and energy if you care about this topic.

WordPress themes are likely to change in the next year in ways they’ve never changed in their history. That’s both pretty exciting, but it’s also a little nerve-wracking. Will they be able to thread that needle. I sure hope so. And what I’ve seen over the years makes me think they will, eventually.

Here’s one good paragraph, to hopefully hook you:

The thing about blocks is that they put this veil over a lot of the messy legacy stuff, creating a new standard where anyone who wants to build a theme does not have to worry about a lot of the history that got us from Point A to Point B. That is a Good Thing. Standardization of the system was long overdue, but we are still in the process of making that final leap forward. It is a tough time to be a developer. It can also be an exciting new adventure if we stop thinking about themes from a traditional mindset.

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