Kinsta Review : The Best Managed WordPress Hosting (Learn Why)

Kinsta Review 2021: The Best Managed WordPress Hosting (Learn Why)

If you’re searching for the best managed WordPress hosting, Kinsta is probably a name you’ve come across.

There’s a reason for that – Kinsta is one of, if not the, best managed WordPress hosts in 2021. The objective data backs that up, with Kinsta consistently leading the pack in data from review aggregators and third-party surveys.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves – to help you decide whether Kinsta is the best host for you, we’ll take you through some of its pros and cons and make some recommendations for how to pick the best host for your needs.

By the end, you should have a better idea of the best hosting solution for your site, whether that’s Kinsta or another option.

Quick Summary of Our 2021 Kinsta Review

If you’re in a hurry, here’s a quick rundown on how Kinsta is doing in 2021…

Simply put, Kinsta is one of the best options for managed WordPress hosting. Kinsta hits all the important things you need in a host with fast performance, rock-solid reliability, excellent 24/7 support, and convenient features.

This is why, when we aggregated data from third-party sources like TrustPilot, WhoIsHostingThis, CodeinWP’s survey, and Review Signal, Kinsta was #1 out of all the hosts we looked at with an impressive 96% satisfaction rating across all those sources.

Here’s the aggregated data for popular hosts:

You can see that Kinsta leads the pack, even beating out similarly-priced hosts like WP Engine and Flywheel.

So – to learn why Kinsta has such satisfied customers, let’s dig into the pros and cons.

Five Things Kinsta Does Really Well

Let’s start with the best parts of hosting with Kinsta..

Objectively Great Performance

One of Kinsta’s biggest advantages is that it offers excellent performance, which is the most important consideration in any WordPress host.

To objectively assess a host’s performance, we rely on Review Signal’s exhaustive performance benchmarks, which challenge hosts in a variety of ways including some pretty heavy-duty load testing.

Though Kinsta didn’t participate in the most recent 2020 Review Signal benchmarks, Kinsta was a regular participant in the prior years. In the 2019 benchmarks, Kinsta participated in five different pricing tiers:

  • $25-$50 per month
  • $51-$100 per month
  • $101-$200 per month
  • $201-$500 per month
  • $500 per month (enterprise)

Kinsta earned Top Tier status (the highest designation) in every single tier. That means Kinsta earned Top Tier from its $30 per month starter plan all the way up to its enterprise plans, which is pretty impressive. 

So what’s behind that Top Tier performance? Kinsta runs the following stack:

  • Google Cloud infrastructure with your choice of 25+ data centers spread around the world.
  • Pure Nginx.
  • MariaDB.
  • Server-level caching



This article was written by David Hayes and originally published on WPShout.

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