How to Launch Your Web Development Business and Website with WPMU DEV

How to Launch Your Web Development Business and Website with WPMU DEV

Do you need a website for your own WordPress development business? In this article, we show you how to quickly and easily set up a site using the same tools you would use to build sites for your own clients.

“Awkwardly, I don’t even have a website of my own right now because I haven’t had any breaks between projects in years.” Greg, WPMU DEV Member

You’re a WordPress developer… and you don’t have a WordPress website for your own business yet?

Maybe you’ve worked for an agency or promoted your services on freelancing sites and didn’t need a professional business website until now.

In this article, we’ll show you how to set up a website for your WordPress web development business quickly and easily using the same time-saving tools we provide to help our members build sites for their clients.

We want you to experience for yourself how much time and effort you can save building sites for your clients as a WPMU DEV member and white label reseller….by using our tools to build your own site! 🙂

By the time you’re done following the steps in this article, you will:

  • Have installed and set up a WordPress site for your business.
  • Have added your site content (including a services page listing all your service packages).
  • Have tested and checked to make sure everything’s working.
  • Be ready to launch your business and start bringing new clients in.

We’ll take you through the following steps:

Let’s begin…

Part 1 – Hosting, Site Installation & Domain Setup

If you are a WPMU DEV member, then you already have all the tools, services, and resources you need to set up a new website quickly and easily and launch your web development business. (Not a member yet? Sign up for a free trial to follow this tutorial!)

Let’s roll up our sleeves, then, and get started with…

Setting Up Hosting For Your Domain And Website

With WPMU DEV, you can register a new domain for your clients, set up fully optimized managed web hosting, and quickly create and set up a secure and fully configured website…all without leaving your Hub dashboard.

Everything takes place in The Hub!

We’ll begin by choosing a hosting plan for your website.

For this example, we’ll set up a basic business website, so we’ll choose the “Bronze” hosting plan.

WPMU DEV Hosting - Lite plansThe Bronze plan should be more than enough to host your web development business website.

If you’re a WPMU DEV member on an Agency plan, you can use your hosting credits to spin up a Bronze hosting plan. If not, then take advantage of the 7-day free trial and select the Bronze plan.

Great! Now that you’ve selected your hosting plan, let’s take the next step…

Create Your Site

To create your new site, go to The Hub and click on the ‘+ Add Site’ button…

The Hub: My Sites - Create a new site.Click + Add Site to create a new site.

For this example, we’ll create a brand-new site.

Choose the ‘Create New’ option…

The Hub - Add siteChoose Create New.

We provide step-by-step documentation on how to set up a new site, so refer to that information if you need help with this step, or just follow the setup wizard in The Hub.

For this example, we’ll set up our site on a temporary URL called

The Hub: My Sites - Website on Temporary URLHere’s the new website on a temporary URL.

Add Your Domain

Next, we’ll add a domain, which we’ll connect to our new site (and we’ll manage our own DNS too!)

We’ve registered the domain

To connect the domain with the hosting, go to Hosting > Domains and click on the Add domain button.

The Hub - Hosting: Add a DomainClick on Add a Domain

Enter your domain details (optional: you can add a www domain and select whether you’d also like to manage the domain’s DNS) and click on the Add domain button.

Add A Domain screenEnter your domain name.

The domain should now appear in the Domains section.

The Hub: Hosting - Domains screen.We’ve now added our domain.

Now that we have added our domain, all we need to do is wait for the DNS to propagate.

You can check to see if your domain has propagated using a tool like

What's My DNSOur domain name has propagated…yay!

The next step is to make our newly registered domain the site’s primary domain.

To do this, go to The Hub, select the site with the temporary domain and click on Domains.

The Hub: Hosting - DomainsSelect Hosting, then Domains.

Refresh the screen to update both the site’s DNS and SSL status.

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