3 Must See LiteSpeed WordPress Plugins

3 Must See LiteSpeed WordPress Plugins

LiteSpeed is an alternative to Apache and NGINX that can improve website performance while keeping resource usage low. It also has an incredible cache plugin that can make your site more responsive and improve your PageSpeed scores significantly. It is also fully compatible with Apache. Here are 3 LiteSpeed plugins that help you get more out of it:

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Clear Cache for Me: this handy plugin purges your cahced pages when you do a save without you having to take another step. It forces your browser to reload your theme’s CSS and JS files.

3 Must See LiteSpeed WordPress Plugins 1

Cache Purge Helper: this plugin triggers a cache purge with LSCache or Nginx Helper plugin through hooks fired by popular themes and plugins. You are going to need LiteSpeed Enterprise or OpenLiteSpeed.

3 Must See LiteSpeed WordPress Plugins 2

LiteSpeed Cache: this is a must have plugin for anyone who runs a LiteSpeed server. It can supercharge with your website with much better performance and speed. It offers a whole host of features such as object caching, quic.cloud CDN support, lazy loading, asynchronous and deferred loading, and DNS prefetching .

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