MailPoet Review – Plugin for Creating Beautiful Emails and Nurturing Subscribers –

MailPoet Review - a Plugin for Creating Beautiful Emails and Nurturing Subscribers

Creating and managing emails is a big part of every good marketing campaign. The first steps to creating such a campaign are building an email list and sending out a newsletter.

You might be thinking to yourself “why to bother with email campaigns when nowadays the best way to promote yourself is via social media”. While social media is a good way of promoting your brand and business, that doesn’t mean email should be forgotten. Actually, email has a larger reach.

You need an email for almost everything, even to sign up for social media. Email can be considered the currency of the web and anybody online has an active email address. Think about it, all of your updates are sent to your email, so it makes sense that email has a larger reach.

With email, you can be sure that your message is actually seen, unlike Instagram for example, where your post can get lost in a sea of other posts. Also, often, when the algorithm changes, so does the visibility of your posts. On the other hand, it’s less likely your email will be lost and chances are the recipient will see what you sent them.

The goal of any of your marketing campaigns is to increase the number of leads, gain new potential customers, and with that, conversions. And email subscribers are more likely to click on your newsletter than your followers on social media.

When you see an email about a sale or new products you are more likely to see and click on it than you are when you see the same thing on Twitter. On Twitter, you might not even see the tweet, or the site could refresh making you lose the tweet.

Additionally, since email has a high ability to drive conversions, it also has a higher ROI. Emails are cost-effective, meaning you don’t have to pay to create one and give you so much in return. You can be hyper-targeting with your communication because email allows you to send highly personalized and relevant messages. Again, your subscribers give you their permission to send them emails that they want to see and receive.

Why are emails important?

While social media is a place where people usually want to get away from business and get updates on their friends and family, email is a more professional medium where people expect to get information about products and services. Because of that, it seems logical to focus your marketing on an email campaign rather than promoting your products on Facebook.

Another reason why email is such a good marketing tactic is the fact that it is an open platform. It isn’t owned or controlled by anyone in particular, and there are a number of services that can provide access to sending and receiving emails.

On platforms that are owned and controlled by a third party, marketers don’t have a say in changes that are made to the platform. So, when you create an email list and build it, it is your own and you are in control of it.

Also, email has been growing consistently ever since the first promotional email campaign was sent out. This means that email



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