Modula vs FooGallery: Which Is the Best WordPress Gallery Plugin?

Modula vs FooGallery: Which Is the Best WordPress Gallery Plugin?

Struggling to pick between Modula vs FooGallery as the best WordPress gallery plugin for your website?

If you search for gallery plugins at, these are two of the most popular options. Both also offer premium versions that add even more functionality to the free plugin.

So – how can you pick the right gallery plugin for your situation? That’s what this comparison is about.

Rather than just trying to name a single winner, we’re going to aim to highlight the meaningful differences between the two so that you can pick the right one for your website.

To accomplish that, we’ll compare them in four different areas:

  • General approach and features
  • Interface
  • Gallery layouts
  • Pricing

Let’s dig in…

Modula vs FooGallery: General Approach and Features

To kick off our Modula vs FooGallery comparison, let’s discuss the general approach of each plugin, along with some of the key features.

This is not a full feature list – I just want to highlight the differences in approach. If you do want to see every single feature, you can find those lists on both plugins’ listings:

Modula Approach

Modula focuses on making it easy to create stylish, quick-loading galleries.

You can create image galleries with the free version and then the Pro version adds support for video galleries.

It doesn’t offer other gallery sources beyond that, but it does offer some of the best-looking out-of-the-box galleries that you’ll find.

By default, Modula creates responsive grid galleries that will automatically adjust to each visitor’s resolution to create a unique layout like this:

It also includes a unique option that lets you create your own custom grid using drag-and-drop. Or, you can always use more “traditional” layouts like a masonry grid or slider.

The Pro version also adds special features to speed up your galleries, such as on-the-fly image optimization, including a content delivery network.

Basically, if you just want the easiest way to create stylish, quick-loading galleries from images or videos, that’s where Modula really shines.

For this reason, Modula is generally one of the best options for casual users, though advanced users can certainly get value from it as well.

FooGallery Approach

FooGallery vs Modula

Whereas Modula is focused on making it easy to create stylish galleries, FooGallery is more focused



This article was written by Colin Newcomer and originally published on WP Mayor.

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