Multicollab Review: Google DocsStyle Comments and Collaboration in the WordPress Editor

Multicollab Review: Google Docs-Style Comments and Collaboration in the WordPress Editor

Searching for a way to improve your WordPress publishing workflows?

Multicollab adds Google Docs-style inline commenting and collaboration to the native WordPress block editor.

Your writing team can comment on specific text or media, reply and resolve comments, make suggestions instead of direct edits, and more.

It really does feel like you have the collaboration features of Google Docs but right inside your WordPress dashboard.

In our hands-on Multicollab review, I’ll share more about what this plugin does and give you a hands-on look at how it can help you improve your editorial workflows in WordPress.

Multicollab Review: What the Plugin Does

At a high level, I would say the pain point Multicollab solves is inefficient publishing workflows.

I’m a writer so I work with a lot of clients. And at a lot of places (especially larger businesses with bigger editorial teams), the process usually works something like this:

  1. Submit the draft in Google Docs so that we can collaborate. People can leave comments, make suggestions, and so on.
  2. Once the Google Docs draft is finalized, we can upload it to WordPress.

Obviously, that Google Docs step adds some extra friction that doesn’t really need to be there.

Personally, I find it a waste of time to have to format and adjust in Google Docs when I know that I’m just going to have to upload it to WordPress in a few days anyway.

Some tools have tried to solve this pain point by automating the process of uploading Google Docs to WordPress. While these can be useful, they still never fully fixed things. For example, images would be assigned random file names during the automatic upload and you’d still have to go in and add alt text. You’d also need to adjust the formatting a bit if you were doing anything beyond basic headings and bolded text.

Multicollab Brings Google Docs to WordPress

Multicollab addresses the pain point in a different direction by bringing the Google Docs collaboration features directly to the native WordPress block editor (AKA Gutenberg).

You and your team members will get access to the following features that you’ve probably become accustomed to in Google Docs:

  • Inline commenting – you can highlight portions of text (or even a single word) and leave a comment specifically on that. You can also leave comments on media (e.g. images).
  • Reply and resolve – team members can reply to comments and resolve them when the issue is fixed.
  • Issue assignment – you can assign individual comments/issues to specific team members.
  • Suggestion mode – if you don’t want to make permanent edits to the content, you can work in suggestion mode. Other team members can then accept or reject those suggestions.
  • Direct



This article was written by Colin Newcomer and originally published on WP Mayor.

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