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Why You Should Use Multilingual WordPress Plugins - ManageWP

As businesses strive to build trust with their clients, multilingual WordPress websites can play a big role. By being able to communicate with potential and current customers in their native language, companies can establish credibility and trust quickly. 


This not only builds relationships with customers but also allows businesses to target specific markets where they may have the greatest impact. Tapping into new markets can help businesses reach new and larger audiences — resulting in increased sales and greater customer satisfaction. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of having a multilingual website. Let’s see how you can ensure that your WordPress website is ready for the global market. Read on to learn more!

Why Bother With Making Your Website Multilingual?

Building strong relationships with new customers relies on sharing their values, why not share their language as well? The list of compelling reasons goes on and on. 

Here’s my top arguments that will get you to drive more sales:

  • Helps you to target a global audience. 
  • Makes your website more search engine friendly.
  • Increases traffic to your website.

All good reasons, right? Let’s dig deeper and see how multilingual sites help with each of these. 

Target Global Audience

Making your website multilingual is a great way to appeal to a global audience. Enabling users from different languages to access your content creates an engaging and personalized experience for each individual user. Leverage your analytics data and find the new market to expand your business.

Let’s say you noticed a steady but slow increase in your site visits from France. There’s your window of opportunity. Providing localized versions of your pages and products will ensure that they are being displayed in the language best suited to their locale. This not only makes shopping on your website more comfortable for those overseas, but it also increases conversion rates since customers will be more likely to buy if they understand what they’re reading or hearing. Plus, this demonstrates that you care about making sure everyone has an enjoyable shopping experience no matter where they are in the world.

Make Your Website More Search Engine Optimized

One of the benefits of having a Multilingual WordPress SEO is that it can help to increase click-through rates (CTRs) and improve your site’s ranking in search engines.  By creating content in multiple languages, you are increasing the chances of having your content found by users who are looking for information in that language.

Additionally, by optimizing your site’s titles and meta data to include proper lingo tags, you can ensure that all of your pages show up as relevant results when searched for specific terms. This strategy is often successful because people tend to prefer reading about topics that they understand. If you have blog posts or articles written in languages other than their own, it is likely that they will click on those links instead of clicking on content which does not reflect their own nationality or culture.

Increase The Traffic To Your Website

Translations and localizations can help to increase the traffic to your website by increasing the global reach of your content. This is because your target audience now has access to your content in their own language, which could lead to increased sales or leads. Additionally, if you are able to make your website easy for international customers to navigate, they may be more likely retargeted with relevant ads.

To maximize the benefits of translations and localization efforts, make sure that you have a clear roadmap and understand what needs to be done in order not only translate but also optimize each piece of text for optimal SEO performance. Also, keep track of any updates made ​to legislation or regulatory environments so that you can adapt as needed​.

In conclusion, having a multilingual WordPress website is a simple yet effective way to drive your sales and expand on other markets with relatively little work. 

Perks Of WordPress Sites: Multilingual Plugins

First and foremost, translations are complex! The more content you have, the more complex your translation workflows need to be. Not to mention the translation consistency that gets more challenging to maintain when adding new content. Making a multilingual WordPress site can be a daunting task if you’re not familiar with the necessary coding conventions and guidelines.

However, with the right tools and guidance, making a multilingual WordPress site can be a breeze. There are many plugins available that make the entire process easier, from translation management to internationalization and localization.

No two are completely alike so you want to invest time and compare the features before finding the perfect one for your multilingual journey. Our favorite picks definitely include Weglot, WPML and Polylang.

While choosing the perfect plugin for you, be sure to check out 6 Factors to Consider Before You Create a Multilingual Website. If you use any of the multilingual plugins, share your experiences in the comments and help others pick the right one!

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