Neve 3.3 “Corvin” – Find Out What’s New in the Latest Version

Neve 3.3 "Corvin" - Find Out What's New in the Latest Version

130, 198, 1.52, 300,000, 1! You’re probably wondering what all those seemingly random numbers have in common. Maybe they are code for something, or an odd phone number, or a joke?

Nothing like that! They are a summary of why Neve is a great choice for those looking for a WordPress theme.

Named after the Corvin Castle, the Gothic Masterpiece of Transylvania, Neve 3.3 “Corvin” represents our 130th release in 198 weeks since the theme’s birth. With an average of 1.52 releases per week, Neve has more than 300,000 users counting on it. Thank you for being one of them! 🙌

That being said, we proudly present Neve 3.3 “Corvin”!

Here’s what’s changed in this latest version:

New option to hide post meta on mobile

Post meta is an essential part of a blog. At a glance, you can find out who wrote the article, the category, how old it is, or how long it will take to read it. Displaying all that information is ideal, but it can become a hustle on a smaller screen.

In the current version, you can disable post meta on a small screen, keeping your content user-friendly and clean.

Shadow controls for primary and secondary buttons

There are new customizations available for the primary and secondary buttons. You can now enable the “Button shadow” toggle, which will give you control over the color, blur, and position of your button’s shadow.

Shadow controls for primary and secondary buttons in Neve

A new magic tag that you can use in header/footer components

There’s a new magic tag that will help you display the current page title you are on. It’s called {current_query_title}, and you can use it in the HTML Component of the header or footer.

Neve 3.3 "Corvin" - Find Out What's New in the Latest Version 1



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