7 Outstanding Brand Style Guide Examples

7 Outstanding Brand Style Guide Examples | Elementor

The essence of WeWork as a “product” is physical gatherings and social interactions that take place within a physical space that the company builds for their users. In this regard, it makes perfect sense that their branding, be it their style, their brand values, or their design language, is a robust, cohesive set of principles that can be applied to architecture, community ethos, and of course, visual design principles. 

If you’ve been to one or more WeWork locations around the world, even though their locations across the globe amount to a whopping 848, the interior design style that’s used in every WeWork is actually incredibly uniform, all following a similar layout and design style. 

Different to your usual brand that may either be consumer packaged goods or a digital brand such as Waze, WeWork has mastered their need to be a powerful, remarkably consistent brand. This is no small feat, as there are so, so many areas that their branding needs to cover: arts and letters, marketing materials, digital assets, architecture and interior design, brand values and personality, and so much more. 

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This article was written by Orlee Gillis and originally published on Elementor Blog.

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