Why Would a Hacker Attack My Website?

Why Would a Hacker Attack My Website?

This is a common question you might ask when your worst nightmare starts coming true. Why would a hacker attack my website? Rest assured, the chances of the attack being personal are slim to none. Hackers have underlying motives that have nothing to do with the content of your website. Hackers typically don’t care whether your website is a charity page for homeless puppies or a site with tons of cool merch for sale.

However, it’s hard not to feel targeted when a faceless identity has hacked into your website, causing chaos and turmoil. You feel stressed out, and like the situation is spinning out of your control. You feel personally attacked and wonder if there was a way to stop the attack from happening. You might even wonder if there’s any salvaging the wreckage that was your website.

It’s natural to wonder about these things after the breach of your website. After all, you worked hard to craft your website, building it from the ground up. You’ve watched your website grow and mature, and the destruction of this is upsetting to even the most hardened website owner.

Thousands of sites are hacked daily, leading to stress and loss of revenue. Big websites, average websites, even tiny fledgling sites—they’re all hacked without discrimination.

To deal with these attacks, we must first ask, what motivates these hackers?

A Hacker’s Motivation

So, what is it that makes a hacker target a website? It has nothing to do with your website, what topics it covers or anything like that. In reality, hackers target the software your website uses to stay up and running. By hacking into this software, they can steal sensitive customer data or even take control of your WordPress website.

WordPress powers 35% of all websites on the interent. A major reason for for WordPress’s popularity is that it is a very secure platfrom to use to build anything from a blog to large ecommerce web shop.

Unfortunately, with its increasing popularity, WordPress has also become a target for hackers. If a popular WordPress plugin has a serious vulnerability, a hacker potentially has the blueprints to take over hundreds of thousands, if not millions of websites. Luckily, most plugin vulnerabilities are quickly patched by their developers.

Note: Use the iThemes Security Pro Site Scan to automatically check and patch vulnerabilities on your WordPress website.

By being able to get a hold of sensitive and private information, hackers can then sell it for an income or even hold the data ransom, essentially making people pay to get their information back in safe hands.

So, what’s the primary motivation of hackers?

To create cash flow for themselves.

The internet is a lucrative place that offers all walks of life the opportunity to generate a living wage. However, that doesn’t mean everybody goes about this in a legal, moralistic manner. A multitude



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