Panel Discussion: Top Ecommerce Industry Forecasts For – BFCM Prepathon Day 4 Live Session 1

Panel Discussion: Top Ecommerce Industry Forecasts For 2022 - BFCM Prepathon Day 4 Live Session 1

Don’t be sad if you missed our BFCM Prepathon’s live sessions that gave out highly valuable industry insights on the top ecommerce trends every successful store owner must know!

You still have a chance to benefit from all the MAGICAL tricks and tips that our esteemed influencers and guest speakers shared with our online community.

For our most popular live session on the top ecommerce trends that will dominate 2022, we had Valentin Radu, Jonathan‌ ‌Wold‌, Zach Stepek, Dan Maby, and Lee Jackson with us to discuss all the exciting upcoming features and highlights of ecommerce latest trends. This is a quick summary of what happened in the first live session of BFCM Prepathon Journey Day 4, along with insights that our esteemed guest speakers shared with our entire online community on the ecommerce trends that will dominate 2022.

It was a one-hour-long live discussion that you can watch on our Official Facebook Page. We will share some of the things discussed on new developments within the ecommerce ecosystem that will make things either challenging or easier for store owners. Remember to watch the full video, as in this blog, we will only be shedding light on a few of the things our esteemed guest speakers talked about in their in-depth discussion.

Trends That Are Coming Up!

Our guest speakers discussed a lot of things coming up that ecommerce store owners must prepare for before entering 2022.

  • Rise of expedited payment options like Apple Pay
  • Black Friday expected to become more than a day and as big as a month –  Black November
  • Walmart not participating in Black Friday this year

WooCommerce Evolving with the Trends to Empower Ecommerce Store Owners in 2022

Woocommerce is the strength of the ecosystem as a whole – its flexibility, sense of ownership, and community draw people towards WooCommerce from other ecommerce platforms. More so because of the free migration that Cloudways offers to its customers.

Our guests expect WooCommerce to become even more focused on new beginners, i.e. new store owners on the platform, and improve their experience with the product in 2022. There has been an increasing trend of acquisitions – WooCommerce has acquired many tools to make a store become more efficient and effective, also from a marketing point of view.

There was also a discussion on how WooCommerce focuses on improving the onboarding of new store owners.   There are now many large store owners that are also using WooCommerce because of its open-source nature. It is also expected that WooCommerce will delve into AI-assisted upselling because AI prompts and layout with machine learning will certainly boost conversions and drive sales in 2022.

Helping Customers Make Intelligent Choices with Live Commerce

Our guests also discussed this topic in detail. From influencer hiring to help customers see how the product looks in real life, to using augmented reality to make cold customers develop a feel for



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