How to Pin a Comment & Post on Instagram – For Beginners

Pin a Comment and post on instagram

Instagram is such an amazing platform it not only lets you communicate with a new audience and enhances your engagement. You can have control of your account, it takes care of its users. If you feel that some people are not giving a positive response to your posts. You can simply block them from your profile or block them from commenting on your posts. You can even block the whole comment section for users, this will not let them post any comments on your content.

If you feel like any comment is important and you want to highlight it for other users, you can pin it in your comment section. This will remain at the top of comments and other users will see this comment first rather than other comments. Even if you are facing a sticky problem that is related to cyberbullying, you can pin it to avoid trolls. Instagram is an amazing platform and you need to encourage positivity on it. You can pin up to three comments in your comment section. Not only a single but all three of them will show at the top in your comment section. We’ll let you know why this feature is important especially if you are an influencer or celebrity. You need to learn how you can pin a comment and post it on Instagram.

How to Pin a Comment on Instagram Post?

Pinning a comment on your Instagram post is not a difficult process, you just need to follow easy steps and you’ll be able to do it without any extra effort. But you need to keep a few points in mind:

  •         You wouldn’t be able to pin your comment
  •         Your phone should be updated to the latest version
  •         you cannot pin replies to any comment

Hope these points will clear that you may encounter these issues while pining your comment, so don’t need to worry. Also, follow these below steps to pin a comment on your Instagram post:

–          Go to your Instagram account.

–          Click on any of your posts

–          Swipe on any comment that you want to show on top

–          You’ll get to see four options

–          Click on the option with a thumbtack

–          Pin the comment you want to show at the top

–          You can repeat these same steps with 2 more comments

–          You can pin 3 comments on a post

How to Pin a Comment on Instagram Live

Instagram live is the best way to directly communicate with your followers and it’s mostly used by celebrities and influencers. Some even buy Instagram likes to engage their feed or increase engagement rate. They use Instagram live to directly interact with their followers or to have fun with each other.

  •         Instagram Live allows you to pin comments at the top during your live session.
  •         It depends on your region and whether you can pin your comment on your live session or not.

Here is the easy method through which you can pin any comment during your live session:




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