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50+ Places You Should Be Sharing Your Content

No blogger ever looks forward to publishing content that receives no views. If you want people to read and spread your information, you need to publish it on the internet as regularly as possible. There is a widespread misconception that the actual content development only accounts for 20% of the total and that sharing is responsible for the remaining 80% of what makes a blog post effective. First and foremost, you need to create meaningful content for your audience so they will thank you for it by sharing it with others.

Suppose you haven’t previously pushed your material within the communities of people gathered around your brand. In that case, you can help contribute to its marketing by publishing it on social networking sites. Suppose you haven’t done so already. Here are some locations where you may distribute your material, making it accessible to your current readers and new ones.

Guest-posting websites

A guest post is an article written by someone other than the website’s owner and published on that site without payment. A guest post is a whole article written by an outside author that follows the same style and tone as the site’s other posts and covers a topic related to the site’s primary focus.

Professionalism and moderation are essential when it comes to guest blogging. It should be a piece of high-quality writing on the same topic by a peer author. Writing a high-quality article is essential since it will increase the likelihood that readers will click through to the website you mentioned in your guest post. It would help if you aimed to have your content published as a guest post on other sites in your field that deal with similar themes.

When you find a site that accepts guest posts, you should ask the owner whether you can write on a subject related to your expertise. You may increase your traffic and your search engine visibility by doing this. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of blogs that welcome guest posts:

1. https://wpnewsify.com/
2. https://wpsauce.com/
3. https://underconstructionpage.com/
4. https://mywptips.com/
5. https://www.themecircle.net/
6. https://wpreset.com/
7. https://www.webfactoryltd.com/
8. https://comingsoonwp.com/
9. https://www.gmapswidget.com/
10. https://www.navthemes.com/
11. https://wpauthorbox.com/
12. https://resizemyimg.com/
13. https://tidyrepo.com/
14. https://wppluginsify.com/
15. https://enstinemuki.com/
16. https://www.blogwolf.com/
17. https://wp301redirects.com/
18. https://thebetterwebmovement.com/
19. https://savethevideo.net/
20. https://unitconversion.io/
21. https://thumbtube.com/
22. https://bloggerwalk.com/
23. https://techyeyes.com/
24. https://www.pcstacks.com/
25. https://85ideas.com/
26. https://techbillow.com/
27. https://pythonblogs.com/
28. https://reviewslion.com/
29. https://codecarbon.com/
30. https://woahtech.com/
31. https://websiteseostats.com/
32. https://techieevent.com/
33. https://yehiweb.com/
34. https://wpradar.com/
35. https://jem-products.com/
36. https://dealsofdreams.com/
37. https://blogjoker.com/
38. https://www.mediumtalk.net/
39. https://safeboxguide.com/
40. https://webdevsupply.com/
41. https://paceofficial.com/
42. https://techyice.com/
43. https://techsive.com/
44. https://wpforcessl.com/
45. https://wpsticky.com/
46. https://feedbeater.com/
47. https://windowscape.org/
48. https://wowtechub.com/
49. https://tipsmafia.org/
50. https://hitechweirdo.com/
51. https://esmepatterson.com/
52. https://techypopat.com/
53. https://evrmag.com/
54. https://www.betmok.com/
55. https://www.gadgetsfarms.com/
56. https://techstormy.com/
57. https://techstromy.com/
58. https://boostupblogging.com/
59. https://emojifaces.org/
60. https://futuretechtrends.co.uk/
61. https://getwplinks.com/
62. https://wpmaintenancemode.com/

Online communities

Social media is a terrific way to get your material in front of many eyes. You can share your work on a wide variety of social media sites. Make tweets and updates to your profile read like newspaper headlines. Don’t try to intrigue readers by leaving anything out of what you tell them.

While the content you’re promoting should be your primary focus, the article’s presentation can significantly impact its success. Including calls to action will increase traffic. Put to use both general and specific hashtags. You won’t have any trouble thinking of new ideas. Using this method, you may give your publication a new depth, tone, and structure by emphasizing the most critical points within a specific topic, highlighting relevant terms and thoughts, and so on.

You can potentially expand the reach of your content by linking it to others’ posts that use the same hashtag on the same social media platform. Promote your material on Instagram and Twitter in distinct ways; don’t use the same strategy for both.


Medium is a platform that enables users to communicate with one another by sharing articles and ideas. It is analogous to a social media website but also has a Blogger section. When finding more people to view their material, businesses will discover that reposting it on Medium is a terrific option.

After you’ve signed up for the media, select your avatar from the menu. After that, select “New Story,” and an easy-to-use editor will open up for you. Make sure everything is finished, check the material by copying and pasting it (Medium is quite good at transferring photos), and decide whether or not you want to make any modifications. When you publish a post, you can add several “tags,” which will make it more likely that your article will be found by others searching for relevant topics.

In addition to the described Medium, don’t ignore Mix.com or Reddit.com either. Check out their advantages and explore them too.


The internet marketing mistake that is the most difficult to rectify is when a website owner fails to develop an email list. This is closely followed by website owners with an email list but do not use it. Email marketing is an excellent method for connecting with the readers who already follow your blog. It would be a waste to maintain a list but fail to provide its members with timely and relevant material updates.

Electronic communications’ open and click-through rates suffer when they are sent less frequently. One of the most effective strategies for drawing attention to your published material is distributing it as a weekly or bimonthly update. Create a subject line for your email that will entice folks to read what you have to say. Do not just state, “The blog post for this week can be found here.” Demonstrate to the readers why they should read it, and don’t forget to invite them to forward it to their friends using the email share button and the share button on the post itself.

Twitter talks and Facebook group discussions

Smartphone and laptopWhen it comes to the distribution of content via the internet, Facebook groups and Twitter chats are a veritable treasure trove. There are a significant number of Facebook and Twitter communities devoted to blogging. The majority of them are designed to assist individual bloggers in the areas of engagement and content sharing. Promoting your blog article in this manner in collaboration with other content authors is a fantastic opportunity.

Participation in these groups does not cost anything. They may have a few inquiries or requirements that you have to fulfill before you may be accepted. There will be daily threads where you can engage and share the stuff you have created. You must adhere to the rules that have been established for the group. You can take part in daily threads on Twitter, and during these threads, you can also share the URL to a particular website or blog post you have written. Be sure that you are also communicating with other people on the thread and that you are not just putting a link and then leaving.


You spend a lot of time generating magnetic material that is helpful to the people who read it; nevertheless, if your content isn’t gaining views, your efforts aren’t getting the traction they should be getting.

The success of your laborious efforts will be directly proportional to the quality of the content promotion strategy you implement. If you implement these tactics, you will increase the value of your content marketing investment and the number of times your carefully crafted content is used, which are goals you should strive to achieve.

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