Quora Marketing: Beginner’s Guide & Best Strategies to Get You Started

Quora Marketing: Beginner's Guide & Best Strategies to Get You Started

Overall, Quora serves as an opinion and discussion community with a reputation for quality thread moderation. Due to the moderation, users tend to stick to facts when possible and explain their experiences that make them somewhat credible to speak about a topic.

By default, it’s not for marketing. However, ads are shown on Quora, and there typically isn’t any punishment for small self-promotion if your answers are well-thought-out and helpful.

Oh yeah. On Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and pretty much every other online community, you can berate another user. On Quora, that’s usually grounds for removal from a conversation. Again, it’s not perfect, but it’s at least a more civilized place to chat with other likeminded individuals.

How does Quora marketing work?

The entire point of Quora is to present questions with answers. It’s easy to make a site where users ask questions, but you either need a staff of writers replying to those questions or a dedicated community of experts willing to spend time giving quality answers.

Think of Yelp. You may wonder, why the heck would you ever write long reviews on Yelp?

Guess what? Yelp understands that a regular person wouldn’t do that.

As a result, Yelp incentivizes users by offering Yelp Elite status. In short, the more reviews you write, the better chance you have at gaining status. With that status comes free wine tastings, social events, dance classes, meetings with “influencers,” and more. And of course, this removes all of Yelp’s credibility, but hey, it’s a tech company.

Quora has gone back and forth on its views about writer compensation, but for the most part, all answers come from the uncompensated community.

It’s also turned somewhat of a blind eye towards those answering to market their own website, services, or products.


And this is a big but. Quora has a strict Policies and Guidelines page for a reason. It essentially says that if there’s too much self-promotion, or your answers aren’t good enough to warrant self-promotion, your answer may get removed, or your account banned.

“So how do I go about marketing my business with Quora?”

Making an anonymous Quora account and only posting when you really need a marketing push isn’t going to get you anywhere. In fact, that’s most likely a straight path to a banned account.

Quora is sold as having a mission to expand the world’s knowledge and share that knowledge online. With this, it utilizes AI learning to send specific questions to people who are the best at answering them.

Therefore, someone who shows high interested in WordPress design, and who also has a history of providing useful answers to WordPress questions, will receive prompts to answer more of them.

? The Goal: Become a thought leader on one (or a few) Quora topics.

As a thought leader, Quora won’t question your reputation. Users are pleased to hear your input. No one has any problem if you occasionally



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