How To Reduce CPU Usage In WordPress (Bandwidth Limits)

How To Reduce CPU Usage In WordPress (Bandwidth Limits)

I had serious issues with CPU overages on my WordPress site.

All this means is we need to reduce the amount of resources consumed by high CPU plugins, images, wp-cron, databases, external requests (usually generated by plugins), comment spam, and prevent spammy bots from crawling your website using the Blackhole For Bad Bots plugin.

We will also utilize Cloudflare’s CDN, remove bloat from the WordPress admin using Clearfy and Hide SEO Bloat, then test common settings in cache plugins that often consume high CPU.

When you’re done, hopefully your CPU graph looks like this:

By reducing CPU usage, you will be putting less stress on your server, making your site faster. Hosting companies want you to upgrade your plan which does work since you will be getting more server resources, but you should try these alternatives before reaching into your pocket.

If you’re using slow hosting like EIG or GoDaddy, I would seriously reconsider. I use SiteGround who is also used by Yoast, recommended by WordPress, and was #1 in 20+ Facebook polls. I’m on their semi-dedicated GoGeek plan and  not only are my server response times well under 200ms, but my GTmetrix report is pretty much unbeatable. They will also migrate you for free.


1. Check CPU Usage In AWStats

AWStats is built-in to most cPanels (SiteGround, Bluehost, GoDaddy) in their “statistics” section and can help identify the source of high CPU. It tells you how much bandwidth specific elements are consuming including unknown bots, images, pages, files, downloaded files, etc.

AWStats helps you find:

  • Total bandwidth usage
  • High bandwidth crawlers
  • High bandwidth IP addresses
  • High bandwidth download files
  • High bandwidth files (eg. images)


If unknown bots are consuming CPU, try blocking spam bots with Blackhole For Bad Bots.




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