Review (With Interview from CEO Ben Gabler) Review 2022 (With Interview from CEO Ben Gabler)

I moved to which is the fastest host I’ve used by far – see this comparison table.

Just to give you an idea, all plans have 32 CPU cores (about 3x Kinsta’s), 128GB RAM (16x Kinsta’s), NVMe SSDs (faster than SATAs used on most hosts), Redis, and LiteSpeed’s PHP. Not only are you getting more server resources (than everyone), but their technology is also faster.

Their Cloudflare Enterprise is better than Cloudways/Kinsta’s. Not only is it free and setup automatically, but it uses full page caching (unlike Cloudways) with Argo Smart Routing, load balancing, and image optimization (unlike Kinsta). It does such a good job of offloading content, there’s no PHP worker limits since only about 10% of traffic hits your origin server. You also get other Enterprise features like prioritized routing, HTTP/3, and WAF. Ben Gabler was StackPath’s Chief Product Officer and his experience with CDNs far exceeds other hosts trying to integrate it.

After moving, I saw a major improvement when clicking through posts. You can also test my website/TTFB in SpeedVitals, PageSpeed Insights, or GTmetrix. I recommend SpeedVitals who suggests testing your site a few times to ensure your caching/CDN are showing accurate results.

Aside from speed, support is the best I’ve experienced (Ben and Chad are awesome) and the dashboard is very easy. After requesting a free migration, the only thing I did was upgrade to PHP 8.1 and ask them to install Redis. And a perfect TrustPilot rating? If you have $25+/mo to spend on hosting, are the guys you want. You can try them for $1 your first month.


1. vs. [SiteGround, Kinsta, WPX, Cloudways Vultr HF]

SiteGround Kinsta WPX Cloudways Vultr HF
Hosting type Shared Cloud Shared Cloud Private cloud
CPU cores



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