SafeUpdates for WordPress Now Available on Cloudways!

SafeUpdates for WordPress Now Available on Cloudways!

Have you ever updated a plugin or theme on your WordPress site and were surprised by the unwelcome confusing errors like:

  • 500 Internal Server: The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request…
  • 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable”

…been minutes away from howling in frustration?

Cloudways is here for you!

After a thorough BETA phase, our latest SafeUpdates feature for WordPress is now in General Availability. We asked 300 BETA users to play with SafeUpdates and help us debug and improve it. And while the SafeUpdates add-on is now ready for the general public, we will not stop adding more functionality in the future! Now, let’s dive into the details of this exciting release.

“Cloudways once again hit the ball out of the park with SafeUpdates. I’ve tried other vendors, but they are nothing but an automatic backup taken before the update. The safety lies only in the immediacy of the backup and I still have to verify nothing is broken. Cloudways verifies updates in several ways, including using a staging site for testing and checking for site appearance problems. I have not had a single incident of SafeUpdates breaking a site during Beta. Once again, Cloudways has proven to be the single best decision I’ve made since becoming a WordPress professional 8 years ago.”

patricia dumond

Patricia Dumond

Owner, wpXPRESS

What Is SafeUpdates on Cloudways?

SafeUpdates is an optional add-on that allows busy web creators and business owners to fully automate the detection, testing, and deployment of core, theme, and plugin updates on WordPress within a few clicks.

You can select and perform these updates on the spot or schedule them for later directly via the Cloudways Management Platform. It doesn’t get any easier or more secure than this.

There is so much value packed in this super easy-to-use feature. SafeUpdates triggers a diligent automated workflow that includes all the right steps to make you feel confident to schedule your updates and move on with tasks that matter the most for your business!

Join Our Webinar to Learn More!

On September 14th at 2 PM UTC, we will be holding a Cloudways Classroom Webinar about WordPress SafeUpdates & Securing WordPress with WP CLI.

Why Did We Come up With SafeUpdates?

Approximately 80% of Cloudways users host one or more WordPress and WooCommerce sites. And keeping their core, themes, and plugins updated is critical for performance boosts, bug fixes, and to prevent hackers from exploiting vulnerabilities in old versions. (Not to mention all the cool features new versions give



This article was written by Marianna Siouti and originally published on The Official Cloudways Blog.

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