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Best Form Builder Tools in 2022

On busy working days, when you need to submit the appropriate form, overviews, surveys, or similar, you don’t have time to wander around for some of the best choices for work. Also, you don’t want to or don’t know how to code and need a tool that doesn’t require painstakingly code skills. We bring solutions to your problems through this article and our list of tools that could be a good choice for work.

Forms are crucial for every business because they help collect data and feedback from customers, do market research, or capture leads. That’s why it’s extremely important to have the best tool for creating forms that will give the best results in the shortest possible time.

If this is what you want, continue reading the article and find below the list of the best form builder tools in 2022.

The FormDesigner is a powerful form builder tool that lets users create quizzes, surveys, calculators, online appointments, tests, and much more without needing a programmer or designer.

This tool uses a drag-and-drop editor with advanced design options that can help you create a fully responsible look. Additionally, users can choose from 90 form templates, 30 different question categories, and many additional configuration settings that can help users create unique forms.

FormDesigner also offers integrations with the Analytics tab on your website to help you make data-driven decisions. 

 The price of this form builder tool is $59 for a one-time purchase.

Zapof landing page

The most significant trait of the Zapof form builder tool is the vast array of users’ assets.

With Zapof, users can use various formats to create signup forms (currency, text or styled text, numeric, text, styled text, phone, email, SSN, date, and time), or multistep signup forms, rating scales, checkbox or yes/no fields.

Also, users can upload images and files to the forms, create tables that support 12 different data types, or even add spreadsheets with Excel-compatible functions.

Additional tool options include email notifications, reusable forms, downloadable confirmation or receipt, Submission ID, or CAPTCHA protection.

Users can choose from the library of beautiful form templates to create responsive designs for all devices.

The price of this form builder tool is $39 for a one-time purchase.

Formly landing page

“Humanising Forms and Surveys “is what Formly claims to do. 

This best form builder tool helps users collect high-quality data about the business and the website. Some of the key features of this tool offers include the option to collect data without internet collection, collect payments from clients, or set up conditional email notifications.

 With Formly, users can also create prefilled forms and assign them to their audience or clients. Users can also choose from 3000+ integrations with Google Sheets. 

The price of Formly is $99, and this is also a one-time purchase.

Growform Multi Step Form Builder landing pageGrowform Multi Step Form Builder is focused on offering forms that are beautiful looking and that drive more leads.

This form builder tool was built to increase the website’s conversion rate, thus having the pre-built forms optimized for desktop and mobile-focused on that goal.

Users can choose from 20+ pre-built form templates or customize their form with Google fonts, background colors, and custom CSS.

 Via the Zapier integration, businesses can take their audience to 300+ destinations.

The price of Growform is $87 for a one-time purchase.

Headlessforms landing page

Headlessforms is an HTML form builder tool perfect for WordPress, Netlify, Vercel, Github Pages, or any static site.

With this form builder tool, users can create high-quality forms, receive form submissions and send auto-responses thanks to the backend tool.

Additionally, the form builder is easy to use, and everything you should do is add Headlessforms Endpoint to your website, and that is it.

Headlessforms comes with a user-friendly dashboard, spam protectors for the website, auto-responders, integrations to 1000+ marketing tools, newsletter subscription forms builder, and much more.

 The price of this form builder tool is $69.  

Formcake landing pageFormcake also allows users to design HTML forms on their websites without the need to code.

A tool built from developers to developers allows all developers to focus on the website’s front end and leave the whole form back end to Formcake.

This form builder tool is perfect for JAMStack, static, and API-driven websites and works with any form as long as you drop in Formcake’s endpoint.

What makes this form builder tool unique is its speed, and minimal dependencies since users do not need to include tags, scripts, CSS, or external libraries

The price of this tool is $50 for a one-time purchase.

Formvio landing page

Formvio is an easy-to-use form builder tool that allows users to create mobile and desktop-friendly forms in less than 5 minutes.

The tool uses a drag-and-drop editor and allows for customization with advanced styling options. 

Users can integrate Formvio with the MySql database, Webhooks, Mailchimp, and more. Additionally, there is a password protection feature, authorized URLs, and more tools to help you protect your safety.

Formvio is a perfect tool if you want to build multistep forms with its Page Breaks feature. Other features include HTML5 Field, Bootstrap Layouts, options to upload files when submitting forms or to capture signatures, and many more.

The price of this tool is $37.99.

Wrapping up

Each one of these form builder tools is a good option, and we know the final decision will mainly depend on your preferences and needs.

Here is a short recap of each tool to help you make your decision easier.

  • Form Designer – a tool with the most significant number of design options.
  • Zapof – is best if you need something with the vast availability of format options.
  • Formly – best to collect data without an internet connection.
  • Growform – is the best option if you want to create conversion-oriented forms.
  • Headlessforms – extremely user-friendly.
  • Formcake – the fastest HTML form builder tool on the list.
  • Formvio – the cheapest option, best for multistep forms.

Try all seven tools, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy playing with their interesting and helpful features.

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