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How to Schedule Social Media Posts for WordPress Articles - WP Mayor

Sharing your WordPress articles through social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook is a sure-fire way to increase engagement.

Sharing new blog posts to social media platforms will boost your website traffic and grow your social media followers. What’s more, you can revive old posts by scheduling social media posts to keep your content alive and your followers engaged.

However, scheduling social media posts for all your articles can be a time-consuming job. In order to minimize editorial tasks, you’re better off investing in a solid plugin to help you out. In this article, we’ll see how Nelio Content can help solve this problem.

How to Schedule Social Media Posts for WordPress Articles - WP Mayor 1

Nelio Content

Want to automatically schedule social media posts for your WordPress blog posts while you focus on your content?

Yes please!

Your Social Media Posts

I always like to start off by showing an example of what the final outcome would be. With Nelio Content, you’d be able to create social media posts similar to the ones below. Of course, styling will depend on the social media platform.

Twitter PostTwitter Post
Facebook PostFacebook Post

You can add a personalized message (just like I’ve done above), automatically show the title, excerpt, or tags, and most importantly add a link to your article.


Nelio Content is a free plugin with a premium version for those seeking to improve their content management strategy.

I’ve used the free version for over a year now, and it’s a pretty good solution to start off with. One of the main restrictions is that social media posts can only be published on the publication day of the WordPress blog post.

If you want to publish multiple social media posts on specific days or at a particular time, you’ll have to upgrade to the premium plugin. Nelio Content Premium costs €119/year and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Nelio pricing

You can follow the rest of this tutorial with both versions of the plugin. I’ll point out the premium features as we go.

How to Schedule Social Media



This article was written by Gabriella Galea and originally published on WP Mayor.

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