SeekaHost PBN Hosting Review

SeekaHost PBN Hosting Review

SeekaHost PBN is one of the famous names in the PBN industry. PBN, as discussed below in detail, is a service that bloggers use to host multiple blogs and websites online and aspire to gain maximum traction and SEO benefit.

Any website requires good hosting that impacts the overall performance of the website online. In addition, hosting makes sure that the administrator can leverage the best customer experience for your website.

Without the hosting, the website struggles to perform in the targeted market and cannot entertain the consumer with maximum efficiency and, therefore, impact overall business growth.

Therefore, website posting is equally important compared to a business’s other amenities like physical location, staffing, investment, etc.

There are several types of website hosting available. A business can choose from four major ones, managed hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS and PBN. 

Managed hosting stands for organized storage space where databases of multiple websites are stored within a shared disc space. 

In dedicated hosting, all the hardware resources are dedicated to only one website resource.

VPS virtually mimics dedicated server environments within a shared server. (Definition source) 

PBN is a modern hosting solution. To understand it, let’s dig a little deeper into it.

PBN stands for Private Blog Network, and it is a network of a website built to improvise quality backlinks for a targeted website. 

These are basically networks that allow webmasters to manipulate and take control of the backlink profile of a particular website.

The “Whitehat” way of building backlinks is to leverage editorial links and contextual backlinks from third-party resources and utilizes channels like PR, guest blogging, infographics and what not. 

That process takes time, and webmasters don’t have control of how that will result in the end. 

Therefore, they create a network of sites with a PBN hosting to gain significant control over the backlink profile of their websites. 

Many website owners try to manipulate how they want to rank their websites by managing, controlling, and manipulating their backlink profiles.

Before we move forward and discuss which PBN hosting is better, be sure to know that PBN sites are not in favor of Google’s SEO guidelines. 

If you do it aggressively, Google might penalize your site, and in worst cases, deindex your site quickly. Therefore, proceed with caution and avoid overdoing it.

Many webmasters utilize PBN with expired domains because those expired domains usually have a unique backlink profile that helps the domain quickly gain unique domain pointing towards it, eventually increasing its ranking potential when the site publishes content regularly.

There are many PBN hosting solutions out there. Several of them are very popular, and they also provide reliable support to the website administrators. 

Today, I will share an in-depth review of one



This article was written by Kulwant Nagi and originally published on Blog – Blogging Cage.

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