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How to Sell Website Maintenance Services to WooCommerce Users (3 Key Techniques) - ManageWP

E-commerce is a booming industry. Presently, over 2.8 million stores are currently using WooCommerce at checkout, with searches for related keywords having increased by over 44 percent in the past year. If you sell website maintenance services, you might be wondering how you can most effectively market your skills to the growing pool of online retailers.

Fortunately, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to take advantage of this opportunity. By demonstrating that you understand the specific needs of WooCommerce users, you can appeal to this audience and take your promotions to the next level.

In this article, we’ll cover some of the benefits of selling website maintenance services to clients who use WooCommerce. Then, we’ll give you three techniques to help tailor your skills to this lucrative market. Let’s dive right in!

The benefits of selling website maintenance services to WooCommerce users

If you offer clients website management services, you’ve probably worked with a lot of different types of sites. Yet, WooCommerce users can be a particularly valuable demographic. The United States alone boasted 227.5 million online shoppers in 2020. This expansive customer base represents huge potential for WooCommerce users to grow their businesses, which in turn means they’re more likely to require help from WordPress professionals.

In addition to a lively industry, WooCommerce stores might also be able to offer you a more stable income stream. Personal blogs or newer business sites are often focused primarily on start-up needs. However, a more established online store might prioritize ongoing performance and be willing to invest in long-term solutions.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of WooCommerce users who are just starting out. A merchant might have fantastic products, but lack the technical skills to effectively showcase them on a website. Selling website maintenance services to this crowd can help introduce their brand to the world.

Finally, you might also consider the sheer size of this field to be a benefit. With more clients to choose from, you might experience more professional flexibility to select projects where your skills will shine brightest.

How to sell website maintenance services to WooCommerce users (3 key techniques)

Given the specific needs of this demographic, it’s important to target your marketing efforts if you want to attract WooCommerce users as clients. Here are a few helpful strategies you can implement to sell website maintenance services to this lucrative audience.

1. Cater to the brand personalities of your target audience

Let’s begin by looking at web maintenance through a customer-centric lens. Most online stores operate within a specific niche. This focus helps them target their marketing strategies more effectively.

More often than not, a brand personality is a part of this approach. Its voice and ideals are likely to embrace this persona as well. You may be able to form a more powerful connection



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