How to Set Up WordPress Domain Mapping Without Multisite in

How to Set Up WordPress Domain Mapping Without Multisite in 2022

Trying to set up WordPress domain mapping?

With domain mapping, you can “map” separate domain names to specific resources on your WordPress site, e.g. a certain page that you’ve created.

It’s really handy for setting up standalone landing pages, microsites, and more. But if you’re not using the right tools, WordPress domain mapping can get complicated fast.

WP Landing Kit is a super-straightforward way to carry out WordPress domain mapping. What’s more, you won’t need multiple installations and you don’t need to set up WordPress multisite.

You can use a single WordPress install and map unlimited domains to existing posts, pages, or custom post types on your site using a simple interface like this:

? In this post, we’re going to show you how to carry out WordPress domain mapping using WP Landing Kit. However, in our first section, we’re going to talk about domain mapping and what it means.

An introduction to WordPress domain mapping

For the unaware, WordPress domain mapping is a complex technology that can have a simple implementation. While we’re not going to get too far into the Domain Name System (DNS) and its setup, there are a couple of key points to note:

  • The DNS connects IP addresses with domain names and lets an end-user browse using it.
  • Each URL for a page is really a construct, in that it could be anything. For example, you could get to the page you’re reading now through the IP address rather than the ‘pretty permalink’.

Combining both of these points, you can implement WordPress domain mapping. This is where you take a full top-level domain (TLD) name, and map it to a page on your site with another permalink. For example, you might want to map to

? However, while the process can be complex, there’s no need to dig into the underbelly of the DNS. Instead, you can use a WordPress plugin.

Introducing WP Landing Kit

First off, you’ll want to get to know the WP Landing Kit plugin. It’s a way to map domains to individual posts or pages on your site (or custom post types). This lets you implement complete microsites without the need for a multisite installation or multiple WordPress websites.

The WP Landing Kit homepage.

The plugin offers a number of top-drawer features and functionality to leverage:

  • You can use as many domains as you need from one WordPress installation.
  • You’re



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