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If you want to earn some extra income or if you’re looking at starting up your own business venture, then you may want to consider selling used books. Selling the books online would be the most economical way of starting up. On paper, selling used books sounds like a solid plan. However, where will you get the books from? Also, if you’re selling online, what platform will you use?

We will answer these questions below and try to guide you on your journey of starting a used book sales business. It doesn’t take a lot of capital to start up a used book sales business, and books can be sourced cheaply. The overhead costs of doing this online are also low. It’s therefore definitely worth a shot trying this idea out.

Where to Get Used Books

You can get the books you need for little to no money. One source of used books is charity shops. These shops can easily become overloaded with books. When that happens, they may have to resort to throwing books away.

Why throw books away when they can be read? In many cases, the shops will be thrilled that someone is willing to take their books. You can take these books and help to connect readers with the books they always wanted.

Thrift stores are another treasure trove for used books. You can always find quality items at affordable prices from thrift stores. It turns out that used books aren’t an exception. Spend some time scouring thrift stores in your area to try to find books to sell.

You should also consider checking out garage and yard sales. Also, try searching online, buy and sell marketplaces, or asking friends and family. You may just be surprised to see what you find.

Where to Sell Your Books

Now that you have an idea of where to source your books, you have to find a place to sell them. There are several options, and we will consider some of the popular options out there.

1. Amazon

Amazon charges $0.99 per item sold or $39.99 per month if you’re planning on selling a lot. A site like Amazon has high levels of traffic constantly passing through the website. This means that your book is more likely to sell here than on other websites. Just check some guides on how to sell books on Amazon and get started.

2. eBay

eBay is another giant when it comes to the amount of traffic passing through it. It’s therefore also a solid choice for selling used books. The fee structure can be a little complex, but you usually get your first 50 listings per month for free.

3. Etsy

Usually, Etsy is synonymous with handmade items. However, vintage items are also popular on this platform. If you have older books for sale, then you may want to consider selling them on Etsy. Etsy charges $0.20 per listing.

4. Start Your Own Website

Instead of going through a middleman and paying fees, you may decide that starting your own website to sell your books is the way to go. If you decide to go this route, then there are a few things that



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