Startup in Spotlight: LuggageHero – A Luggage Storage Facility for Backpackers

Startup in Spotlight: LuggageHero - A Luggage Storage Facility for Backpackers

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Entrepreneurs are blessed with visionary eyes. They can identify an existing gap and then work on to devise an efficient way to take things up from the ground and lead them to the glory of success. If you have a travel history, you would understand how frustrating lugging baggage around can be.

A young Danish entrepreneur initiates a venture that solves this traveler’s problem by providing a storage facility. Travelers can now secure their luggage at various shops (LuggageHero Shop) and pay for this service by the hour.

Jannik Lawetz, the founder of LuggageHero unveils how he managed to solve a common problem faced by many travelers – luggage storage. Today, the organization continues to make progress by leveraging the international fronts to its advantage.

The Humble Beginnings

Jannik began his entrepreneurial journey in Copenhagen and sold his first business when he was 14 years old. The idea behind LuggageHero originated from Jannik’s personal experience, which he had during a short holiday trip to Barcelona. On the last day of his trip, he experienced the inconvenience of being stranded outside of his Airbnb apartment at 9 a.m. in the morning with his luggage.

His flight was scheduled in the late afternoon, so he didn’t know where to keep his luggage. He then saw a local shop at the corner of the street and managed to convince the owner of the shop to store his suitcases for the day.

This particular experience turned out to be his first encounter with a solution to the problem many people encounter during their travels, and the ideation process behind LuggageHero began.

He launched LuggageHere in Copenhagen, Denmark, where the concept quickly took off. An investor,, Kristian Loekkegaard reached out to Jannik after reading a newspaper article about this idea. Kristian initially showed interest in becoming an investor, however, he became part of the LuggageHero team as the Chief Technology Officer.

LuggageHero now has a team of 16 individuals who are responsible to handle routine business operations in Copenhagen. They’ve been able to expand to more than 100,000 locations around the world.

How LuggageHero Overcame Obstacles

Just like any other startup, LuggageHero had its fair share of struggles. These hardships pertain to being bootstrapped, making personal compromises, and perseverance for the initial six months without any return on investment.

In 2017, LuggageHero found investors; NordiEye and Kristian – and that proved to be the turning point as the organization managed to experience growth for the first time.

The company has also accumulated an additional fund of $1.45 million in a recent round of crowdsourcing, thereby fueling its success. LuggageHero began to win funds within 24 hours of opening up in Seedrs – a popular crowdfunding platform.

Improving Workflow

Jannik, the founder of the startup, also shared his two cents about the software that has



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