What is Subliminal Advertising: Definition & Examples

What is Subliminal Advertising: Definition & Examples

With each passing day, advertising is becoming more and more diverse and creative. Long gone are those days when brands would overwhelm the customer and advertise their product straight into their faces. 

The biggest breakthrough in advertising was seen in the 1900s when radio and television became popular among people.

This gave brands an opportunity to reach out to people on newer and interactive platforms. On the other hand, since the ads spoke directly to the customers, it felt more personalized to them.

As years passed by, brands came up with more personalize campaigns and ways to emotionally complete the customer.

The era of online advertising started and companies came up with new practices that transformed the advertising industry radically. 

One of the earliest revolutionary campaigns of display advertising began with the banner ad of AT&T. As many as 44 percent of the people who saw the ad clicked it.

Even though the page that led further lacked optimization, it was a big hit of the time.

However, in the past few years, advertising has shifted from being overly expressive and formidable to a more subtle form.

For starters, have you ever noticed the logo of the e-commerce giant Amazon closely? Do you find something unusually appealing with the arrow? 

If you’ve ever paid attention to Amazon’s logo you notice that the arrow isn’t just another fancy attribute but has a deeply hidden meaning associated with it. The current logo has been in use since the 2000s and doesn’t seem to go anywhere. 

The yellow coloured arrow connects a to z in Amazon, while making a grinning face. The small detail works so well that it gives the customers a happy impression of Amazon’s all-inclusive store. 


Believe it or not, Amazon is only a single example of the viral advertising practice, most companies are trying out these days. It’s effective and causing an impact on the customer without them even realizing it. 

Welcome to the world of Subliminal advertising – an age of passive, subtle and clever advertising practice that is making customers like certain brands and purchase from them more often.

Let’s take a look at what it is all about.

What is Subliminal Advertising?

Advertising is fundamentally supposed to be impactful and smart but not overwhelming



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