Thrive Apprentice Review : A WordPress LMS Plugin for Marketers

Thrive Apprentice Review (2022): A WordPress LMS Plugin for Marketers

Considering using Thrive Apprentice to create and monetize online courses on your WordPress site? In our hands-on Thrive Apprentice review, we’ll help you decide if it’s the best LMS plugin for your specific situation.

In general, Thrive Apprentice can be a good option for content creators who are looking to create courses, monetize them with payments, and market them efficiently. 

It can also go beyond courses – it’s almost like a membership plugin and an LMS plugin got married. This also makes it great for people looking to monetize other content, as you can restrict access to other content beyond your courses.

However, Thrive Apprentice is not a good option for more academic-focused courses with graded quizzes and assignments, such as a certification program or an actual academic course. It lacks the more serious academic features that you would need for those use cases.

So if you fit in the marketing/content creator space, you’ll definitely want to consider Thrive Apprentice. Otherwise, it might not be the right fit, but I still recommend reading our Thrive Apprentice review to learn more.

To help you decide, here’s everything that I’m going to cover:

Thrive Apprentice Review: Looking at the Key Features

I’ll go into more detail in the next section, but I want to start with a quick overview of some of the key features in Thrive Apprentice.

This is by no means a complete list – my goal is to just highlight some of the most distinct features.

Excellent User Experience

One of the standout features in Thrive Apprentice is that it offers an excellent user experience on both the frontend (for your students) and the backend (for creating and managing your courses).

While a lot of LMS plugins rely on the core WordPress designs, either by using the admin interface or inheriting styles from your theme, Thrive Apprentice uses its own custom interfaces on both the frontend and backend, which is how it’s able to achieve such a uniquely good user experience.

This ties with my next point:

Full Visual Customization

This is a very important detail to understand about Thrive Apprentice:

Instead of inheriting your theme’s styling, Thrive Apprentice comes with its own complete theme builder (that’s based on Thrive Theme Builder, a full theme builder solution from the same developer). This lets you completely replace your entire theme design for your course content.

You’ll be able to not just customize your course and lesson content, but you can also customize your header and footer.

However, it’s important to note that these changes only apply to course content.

For example, here’s what my site’s homepage looks like using the default theme:

Thrive Apprentice Review (2022): A WordPress LMS Plugin for Marketers 1



This article was written by Colin Newcomer and originally published on WPKube.

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