10 Tips on How to Sell a Website to Your Potential Clients

10 Tips on How to Sell a Website to Your Potential Clients

The right way to sell a website depends on a multitude of factors, ranging from your client to the workflow you’ve created to develop the site.

With tangible products, the transaction happens within a short time period. That’s not the case when you sell websites, and the handover plus payment process can be time-consuming. You’ll need a compelling sales pitch while also managing the other ongoing tasks that help you keep your business afloat.

Before I go into the ‘how to’ of selling a website, let’s first cover some aspects of what makes a website worth selling. To understand this, I’ll now elaborate on some of the components of a website.

The Components of Your Own Website that Impress Clients

Multiple components of a website work together to offer visitors a smooth, pleasant experience, which is what your clients will be looking for. These involve design aesthetics, webpage load time, quality of media, smooth interactivity, and browser compatibility, and go as deep as server and web application optimization.

These components need to be reflected in your agency’s website as well. After all, this is the first interaction potential clients will have with your work. Each component should work well together in a digital marketing agency’s website.

I’ll use the example of Bruce Clay Mena, a digital agency in Dubai to help connect the components of a website working together.

(Please note that this isn’t a sponsored post; I’ll be using this example to explain the importance of a landing page)

Landing Page

The Importance of a Landing Page

I can’t stress enough the importance of having an effective landing page. The landing page is the first impression your client has about your company, how you work, and how you present information. So take your time when it comes to designing this.

Bruce Mena has portrayed itself as a creative design agency with a firm grasp on design essentials. The webpage has a simple layout, but their design and choice of the color palette are what helps them stand out.


Bruce Clay Media GIF

You’ll notice how they’ve visually outlined their services within three columns so the potential clients can easily understand what they offer.

Focus on User Interface / User Experience (UI/UX)

Your user (potential client) should find it easy to interact with and navigate your



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