Top 15 Resources of Textures for Web Designers & Artists

Top 15 Resources of Textures for Web Designers & Artists

Textures have evolved drastically over the years; from simple grunge and vintage patterns, to fully sophisticated patterns and textures that use the latest web design standards to help designers create the kind of designs that will wow the customer. Textures are a great way to optimize the look and feel of a particular design you are working on, but it’s also a way to add a little bit of personality and emotion towards what we are building.

From being a simple way to showcase design skills, textures have evolved to become a way to add deepness to design, to add meaning to certain areas of the website project, and not to mention to express uniqueness and originality. The use of textures on a website add to the experience of browsing things like emotion, feeling, and personality. And with that in mind, let’s take a look at the fifteen most popular texture sites on the web, as decided by web designers and creative artists themselves.

Stockvault doesn’t just offer textures; their digital content library includes elements, objects, seasonal settings, and traditional web design graphics,. The textures section is home to thousands of unique and specifically tailored textures. These will add that extra flavor to any project. All textures come in high dimensions (their original resolutions). That means you have full freedom over how you use each texture. Whether it’s for a mobile device or a desktop experience, you control the size and quality of each texture. The sites texture category has received millions of downloads; this only proves that textures are well alive and still kicking.

lost taken free textures resource

Lost and Taken’s texture gallery offers textures in categories like Light, Motion, Leaves, Rust, Glass, Water, Wood, Bricks and even Books. The database is compact enough to be browsed fully within a few minutes. You never know what kind of texture you might stumble upon; it might just be the one you were looking for all this time!

rawpixel free textures resource

With all the different free texture resources we have here, you will surely find precisely what you are after. Rawpixel is another impressive alternative with tons of material for your convenience. Their textures’ section is broken down into multiple categories, like fabric, paper tile, nature, wood, stone, industrial,



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