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These WordPress Member Directory Plugins bring more advantages more than you could imagine. Let’s take a pause and think back on your college days when you had to invite someone to give an educational talk in the workshop that your organization was planning to hold. You wanted to reach him through a professional email. To your dismay, you had to peruse every search result on Google hoping to lead you to the right contact information, but you found nothing.

After hours and days trying to find that email address you still ended up with zero result. You were left with no choice but to reach him through his Facebook account. That was, of course, not ideal. It didn’t seem professional. But what else could you do in that situation? After all, your team knew he’s the most credible person to educate your workshop participants on that particular topic.

Now that you run your own organization whatever it is all about, you realize the importance of having a consistently updated website, particularly a member directory page. Who knows, you might be invited to give a talk in the future about the things that your organization is up to? And you must feel privileged knowing that there are people who believe in your credibility and depth of knowledge.

What is a Member Directory Page in a Website?

A member directory page is what you think it is—a specific place in your website where you display each of your team member’s personal information. Typically, it includes each individual’s name, picture, position in the company or organization, contact information such as his LinkedIn profile, email address and social media pages.

In some situations, a short bio is displayed as well. And for example, the company or the organization needs to establish credibility among its associates, stakeholders and team members, a background information about their education, trainings, expertise and achievements are also showcased.

However, the amount and extent of the information included in a member directory page would all depend upon what has been discussed among concerned parties within the organization. There are no uniform requisites on this one. So, it’s up to you to decide what to put in there. Concerns over privacy and data protection might prompt one to limit the amount and extent of his personal information that he’s going to reveal to the world.

Why Include a Member Directory Page on Your WordPress Site?

The importance of having a member directory page on your website goes beyond increasing your chances of receiving invites to become a resource speaker at workshops and events. The point is, with a member directory page, you’re making it easier for the right people who might be interested in working with you to reach you in a more convenient and professional way.

These people might just be your next potential clients, investors, and project partners who have prepared some good



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