The Wait is Over: New Smush Background Optimization Lets You Step Back And Bulk Smush

The Wait is Over: New Smush Background Optimization Lets You Step Back And Bulk Smush

Smush 3.12.0 frees up your time and your eyeballs while enhancing your image optimization experience further with new Bulk Smush background optimization!

Got tons of images to compress and optimize on your web site? Now you can navigate away from the plugin or close the browser window while Smush works tirelessly in the background.

There’s no more staring and waiting in front of your screen while your images are being optimized, making your workflow more efficient.

In other words – the days of waiting on a page for image optimization are over! You can browse around elsewhere and opt for an email notification about when the optimization process is complete! Or, just check back at any time to see how it’s going.

This brief article will look at how simple it is to use. Plus, there are a few other new improvements that we’ll touch on.

Let’s get to it!

How Background Optimization Works

As you’ll see, there’s not a ton to do to get background optimization to function. It’s ready to go once you start a Bulk Smush!

Just begin by clicking Bulk Smush Now from Smush’s dashboard.

One-click gets Smush smushing.

When Smush starts Bulk Smushing, you’re free to close out of the area and continue working on more vital things rather than staying on this screen.

Bulk smush progress.Leave Smush to do its work while you do yours.

If you want to be notified once Bulk Smush is completed, simply turn on email notifications. There are two ways of doing this. One is to enable email notifications under the Bulk Smush settings.

Where you enable email notifications.Now you’ll know when Bulk Smush is done via email.

Also, you can click the Enable Notifications link on the notification during the Bulk Smush progress.

Link to enable email notifications.You’ll see this link during Bulk Smush if email notifications are not enabled already.

The email gives you a glimpse of the total images analyzed, images smushed successfully, and any images that



This article was written by N. Fakes and originally published on WPMU DEV Blog.

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